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Mohamed  Daki was born in Morocco in 1965. He moved to Hamburg, Germany in the early 90’s to study technical engineering. In Hamburg Mohamed  Daki was introduced to some members of the Hamburg Cell and had friendly relations with Ramzi Binalshibh, an Al Qaeda operative in Germany and one of the coordinators of The 9/11. There is no proof that Mohamed  Daki was some how aware of  Ramzi Binalshibh s’ intentions. In 04/1999 Mohamed  Daki obtained a visa to travel to the US, but it isn’t known if he went there.

After The 9/11 Mohamed  Daki was interviewed by German Intelligence and he admited ties to Ramzi Binalshibh, but he was let to go. He was not put on any watch list. In spring 2002 Mohamed  Daki left Germany and moved to Milan in North Italy. When he arrived to Milan Mohamed  Daki arranged an apartment for Cabdullah Ciise on request of Abderrazak Mahdjoub.

Mohamed  Daki was arrested in the northern town of Reggio Emilia, Italy, on 04/04/2003, in connection to a group that allegedly plotted to attack American interests in Rome area, including an American army cemetery.

His arrest came after the arrest in Syria and extradition to Germany of Abderrazak Mahdjoub with whom he kept constant phone contact for a long time. Eventually Mohamed  Daki was charged as a member of Milan 03 Cell for recruiting volunteers to Iraq War.

On 01/24/2005 in Milan Mohamed  Daki was acquitted from the charges related to terror but was sentenced to 22 month for documents’ forgery. On 12/11/2005 Mohamed  Daki was expelled back to Morocco.

Summary ; 

Mohamed  Daki was not a prominent figure in Ansar al Islam network in Europe or a terrorist. He was probably more an offender than a terrorist.


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