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Cabdullah  Ciise, a Somali citizen, was born in Somalia in 1975.  In the middle 90ies he arrived to the UK and asked for political asylum.  Cabdullah  Ciise arrived in Milan, Italy,  from London, UK on 03/24/2002. 

 Cabdullah Ciise, came to Milan in search for falsified documents. On request of Abderrazak Mahdjoub, Mohamed Daki, a member of Milan 03 Cell, arranged for him a temporary apartment in the town.

According to Italian court Cabdullah  Ciise was involved in raising and transferring money from the British Muslim community, through Dubai, to Kenya in order to finance the Mombasa Paradise attack on Israeli targets, on 11/28/2002.

About a year later on 03/2003, Cabdullah  Ciise returned to London in order to evade Italian authority, investigating Ansar al Islam activity in Italy. When Cabdullah  Ciise returned to Italy in 04/2003 he was immediately arrested by the police.

In Italian prison Cabdullah  Ciise was jailed in the same cell with a suspected terrorist Radi Ayashi, 31, an Egyptian based in Milan known as ‘Mera’i‘ and an Ansar al Islam activist (probably a police informant). From 04/2004 Mohamed Majid joined the prison cell and all the conversations and boasting were taped. The tapes revealed the role of Mohamed Majid and Cabdullah  Ciise in facilitating the two UK citizen suicide bombers, Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif to carry out in Tel Aviv, Israel, a suicide attack on Mikes Place on 04/30/2003. Cabdullah  Ciise  and Mohamed Majid  aided also those who carried out the missile attack on Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq on 10/26/2003.   

On 09/21/2006, after a long trial,  Cabdullah  Ciise was found guilty for “criminal association with the aim of international terrorism” and sentenced to 5 years in jail. To day, 04/2007, he is still in jail waiting for verdicts on other charges against him. Rady Ayashy (‘Mera’i‘) was sentenced to 2 years in prison and is now free.

Summary ; 

Cabdullah  Ciise, a devoted Muslim that believed the radical ideology of ‘Al-Tawhid’, was, probably, a senior operative of Ansar al Islam in Europe that knew how to manipulate European human rights and judicial system.

** “Al-Tawhid “ (the Unitarians) is an Islamic ideology that there is a unification of  Mohamed the prophet and God. Therefore the words and teaching of Mohamed are not an interpretation of Gods’ words but the words of God himself.

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