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“Absolute  Justice”  is the name USA gave to the military operation in Afghanistan in late 2001, after The 9/11 to remove and destroy all Al Qaeda basses in Afghanistan. 


From 1996 Al-Qaeda operates in Afghanistan 4 training camp to train and prepare the international Islamic terror network under the full protection and support of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Afghanistan became, under the Taliban rule, the ultimate safe haven for Global Jihad and Al-Qaeda.

After The 9/11 it was clear that this safe haven in Afghanistan must be destroyed as the first step in the “War on Terror”.

The first stage in the operation, that began days after The 9/11, was to supply and arm the enemy of Taliban in Afghanistan – the “Northern Alliance”, to build a political pressure on Taliban regime to close Al-Qaeda s’ training camps in Afghanistan and to extradite to USA authority the leaders of Al-Qaeda. In the same time USA reached cooperation agreements with other Central Asia nations, except Iran, to enable American special forces to operate from their countries against Afghanistan.

The second stage began on 10/08/2001, four weeks after The 9/11, with a bombing campaign against Al-Qaeda and Taliban facilities in Afghanistan. The bombs were directed by special American army units on the ground. At the same time USA diplomatic efforts were aimed to consolidate an international diplomatic and military alliance against the Taliban.

The third stage began in early 11/2001 with the“Northern Alliance” military move on the ground equipped with new weapons and supported by USA air strikes and Special Forces, that broke through Taliban lines and took over the country by the end of November 2001.

Mazar a Sharif fell on 11/10/2001, Kabul, the capital was in “Northern Alliance” hands on 11/13/2001 and Kandahar, the last Taliban stronghold in the South, fell on 12/07/2001.

On 12/12/2001 “Northern Alliance” forces, supported by a small group of CIA agents and Special Forces, closed on Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda s’ leader in the caves compound in Tora Bora, East of Kabul, on the Pakistani border but with the help of local tribes Osama bin Laden and his aids managed to escape and are at large today (05/2007).

During the operation “Absolute  Justice” there was a rare coordination between intelligence officers from Iran and USA to coordinate military operation in West Afghanistan, near the Iranian border, among the prominent Shiite population under Iranian protection.

On 11/25/2001 when prisoners in Qala-i-Jangi fortress, near Mazar-i-Sharif rebelled and tried to escape. USA air force bombed the compound and as a result up to 700 foreign so called Al Qaeda fighters were killed. After “Absolute  Justice” operation about 400 Al Qaeda operatives, most of them low rank fighters, were captured and send to Guantanamo.

Today (05/2007) a civil war against Taliban in Afghanistan is still going on.  


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