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Yesterday Monday evening, 06/25/2007, yet another convention ended in Sharm El-Sheikh in the southern edge of Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

The President of Egypt, king of Jordan, Israeli PM and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas gathered to show support to Mahmoud Abbas as the legitimate authority in Palestine after the Hamas took over Gaza Strip and divided tiny Palestine to two, even smaller, districts: “Hamastan” in Gaza and “Fatahland” in the West Bank. 

Egypt already permitted on Sunday, 06/24/2007, a large Hamas delegation to leave Gaza Strip and to travel to Syria for talks. The delegation is headed by top security official of Hamas – Said Syam. It is not a risky conjecture to guess the subject of the talks in Damascus. That voyage was, probably, discussed in a phone call a day earlier between Omar Suleiman, The Minister for intelligence affairs in the Egyptian cabinet and Ismail Haniya, the Hamas PM of Gaza.

Hours before the convention began Hamas released an audio with the voice of the kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, kidnapped exactly a year ago on 06/25/2006 from a military post within Israeli borders with Gaza Strip. Egypt already hinted that its intent is to return its Military Delegation to Gaza under the excuse to negotiate the release of the soldier and to mediate between Hamas and Israel. One can speculate that the release of the audiotape was also carefully scheduled between Egypt and Hamas in Gaza in the phone call mentioned above.

Egypt did the minimum possible to prevent in any way, the mass flow of weapons to Gaza through tunnels in Rafah which enable to arm the small army of Hamas. Egypt did not change its deployment on the 16km of the border with Gaza and any effort to stop the massive arm smuggling is not yet noticed. According to Israeli intelligence 22 tunnels are connecting Gaza with Egypt and used to smuggle weapons to Gaza in such a quantity that can not be unnoticed on the Egyptian side.

Saudi Arabia, the most important Arab country, did not participate in the convention and Qatar, the most important Emirate in the UAE, openly declared that she does not intend to boycott Hamas.

Summary ;

The last Sharm El-Sheikh convention was not a demonstration of unity between the participant and not a platform for political undermining of the legitimacy of Hamas in Gaza.

If the Sharm El-Sheikh convention demonstrates the Arabs determination to cope with Hamastan in Gaza. Mahmoud Abbas has all the reasons to worry and Hamas and his sponsors in Damascus all the reasons to carry on with their plans.

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