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Isam Mohammad Taher al-Barqawi known as Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi was born in 1958 in Nablus, today (06/2007) in the West Bank of the Palestinian Authority and then a part of Jordan.

When Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi was a child his familly immigrated to Kuwait. He later studied at the Mosul’s University in Iraq. It was during this time that Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi began to adopt an Islamic point of view.

During the 80s’, Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi traveled between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, established contacts with influential Sheikhs, especially in the holy town of Medina. He became an Islamic scholar and Jihadist writer with wide influence.

In 1990 Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi went to Pakistan and Afghanistan and its known that he opposed the ideology of Takfir wal-Hijra*. Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi supported and preached the Salafi version of Jihad – total, simple and direct devotion to Allah, all the time, in all the places without any conciliation.

In 1992 Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi returned to Jordan and became a criticizer of the Jordanian regime. His teachings gained many adherents. This earned him the attention of the government, and he was arrested and imprisoned. 

On 1992, in Zarqa, Jordan, Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi formed, with friends from Afghanistan: Abu Musab al Zarqawi,  Abu Anas al-Shami and Abu Qatada, a spiritual group in Zarqa s’ Mosque, Biat al-Imam, that turned very soon to an Islamic terror cell. He also began to run his Islamic website that is influential up today (06/2007).

Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi was arrested several times in suspicion of instigating and inciting terror against the Jordanian regime. He was released, the last time, on 06/28/2005 but was rearrested very soon on 07/05/2005 after he violated the terms of his release and giving an interview to Al-Jazeera T.V Network. He was accused for purportedly attempting to make contact with terrorist groups out of Jordan.  Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi was jailed in Jordan and released on 03/12/2008.  

* The son of Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi was killed alongside three of his comrades in Mosul, Iraq, by American forces, in 06/2010.



* Takfir wal-hijra – is a radical Islamic ideology, originated in Egypt, to spread Islam through immigration (al-Hijra) and annihilation of the infidels (Takfir) if they will not accept the Islam.  (Mohamed Atta the leader of The 9/11 was an Takfiri in its extreme ).


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