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Munir  Maqdah was born in 1960 in the Palestinian refugee camp Ain al-Hilweh in South Lebanon, near Sidon.

At the time of the Israeli invasion to Lebanon in 1982 Munir  Maqdah served as a young officer in Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat’s elite unit “Force 17”.

Since the end of the civil war in Lebanon in 1989 Munir  Maqdah runs a small militia of his own in the refugee camp. He entitles himself as the Fatah leader (some say he has an official rank of Colonel in the PLO) in the Palestinian refugee camp Ain al-Hilweh, in South Lebanon near Sidon. although there are some other “leaders” in the camp.  

In 09/1993 Munir  Maqdah established first of his many ephemeral groups: the “Black 13 September Battalions” to demonstrate his opposition to Oslo agreement that was signed on 09/13/1993, between Israel and PLO leadership to start a peace process. Ever since Munir  Maqdah became a radical opposition against Yasser Arafat, the peace process with Israel and, eventually, against the Western support to Israel as he percepted it.  When interviewed in 1998 to Al-Watan Al-‘Arabi newspaper based in Paris, France, he called his group “the Mujahidin Popular Army.”  

After the JORDANIAN intelligence foiled the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM plot they accused Munir  Maqdah of supplying weapons and ammunition to the conspirators and he was sentenced on 09/15/2004, in absentia, to death in Jordan.

When the second Palestinian uprising, the “Al-Aqsa Intifada” breached out in the Palestinian territories Munir  Maqdah began to finance, partially, the terror cells of Nasser Aweis, the commander of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank. Nasser Aweis was arrested by IDF in Ramallah, West Bank, on 03/29/2002 in operation “Defensive Shield” and in his investigation revealed the role of Munir  Maqdah in financing his organization.

According to intelligence sources in 2002 Munir  Maqdah sent some of his fighters for training on SAM-7 anti aircraft missiles in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. The training was coordinated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard General in Lebanon – Ali Raza Tamizi. 

In another interview in Lebanese newspaper in early 2004 Munir  Maqdah boasted that he sent hundreds of Palestinians, living in Lebanon, to Iraq to carry out suicide attacks against American and British soldiers (which probably is an super exaggeration of his power and influence).

In 2003 Munir  Maqdah was clearly associated with the founders of another ephemeral group in Ain al-Hilweh – “Usbat al-Ansar” – an Al Qaeda affiliated organization that mainly was fighting another Fatah colonel in Ain al-Hilweh – Sultan al-Aynain. Usbat al-Ansar changed its name several times: to “Youth of the Armed Struggle” and in 2006 to “Jund al-Sham” (see also – Abdel Sattar Jad ).

Summary ;

Munir  Maqdah is probably a regional trouble-maker in the Middle East who makes his living by offering his services to all anti Western interests in the region. His source of money and means is unclear but it is a reasonable conjecture that it came from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Syrian Intelligence.  

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