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* Zahoor  Iqbal a teaching assistantof Perry Barr, Birmingham, was born in 1978 to a family from Pakistani descent. Zahoor  Iqbal sent through Parviz Khan, in the years 2005-6, £12,000 to an office in Pakistan for Parviz Khan to collect. The purpose of the money remains unclear. 

Zahoor  Iqbal was asked by Parviz Khan to help him to obtain and to use video camera equipment in order to make films of operations and suicide bombers.

Zahoor  Iqbal was arrested, on Wednesday 01/31/2007. When Zahoor  Iqbal’s home was searched, a bag was found with a CD “jihad encyclopedia”.  He was charged for possessing a document or record likely to be useful to a terrorist and an intention to assist others to commit acts of terror. The Birmingham beheading plot was not mentioned. His trial began in Leicester Crown Court on 01/29/2008.  Zahoor  Iqbal denied all the charges against him.

Zahoor  Iqbal was convicted, on 02/15/2008, of helping fanatic Parvis Khan to supply equipment to people in Pakistan.


* Hamid  Elasmar, alias Abu Tariq, of Edgbaston, Birmingham, was born in 1964. He was arrested, on Wednesday 01/31/2007, in connection with the Birmingham beheading plot . Hamid  Elasmar was charged for intention to assist others to commit acts of terror between 03/2006 and 01/2007.

Hamid  Elasmar pleaded guilty to helping Parviz Khan supply equipment to Afghanistan but denied knowing about the plot and failing to disclose information about it. His trial began in Leicester Crown Court on 01/29/2008. 


  * Basiru  Gassama was born in Brikama Mansanringsu, Gambia in 1978. He attended a local Quraanic school before his parents sent him to Senegal to study the Quraan. Later Basiru  Gassama went to Saudi Arabia to further his education before moving to the UK where he acquired British citizenship.

Basiru  Gassama owned a grocery shop in Alum Rock, Birmingham, the neighborhood of Parviz Khan. He is married to the daughter of a former Gambian Foreign Affairs Minister.

Basiru  Gassama was approached by Parviz Khan in late 2005 and was asked to provide details about a Muslim British soldier that Parviz Khan planned to kidnap and behead. Basiru  Gassama found ways to avoid the request. In 11/2006 Basiru  Gassama was shown by Parviz Khan video footages from atrocities and beheadings in Iraq in yet another attempt to convince Basiru  Gassama to cooperate with the plot.   

Basiru  Gassama was arrested, on Wednesday 01/31/2007, and charged of withholding information about a potential act of terrorism referring to the Birmingham beheading plot . Basiru  Gassama admitted knowing about the plot and not telling anyone about it.

Zahoor  Iqbal, Basiru  Gassama and Hamid  Elasmar were released from jail, along with Mohammed Irfan, on Sunday 10/25/2009.


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