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Latin  America stretches in the American continent from the Southern border of USA with Mexico in the North, up to Patagonia and Cape Horn more then 13,000km to the South.  

Latin  America stretches on more then 21,000,000 km, has a population of more then 550 millions people and contains 20 independent countries. The dominant languages are Spanish, about 70%, Portuguese about 23% and the rest are speaking native INDIAN languages. In the Caribbean and in Gayenne, a former French colony, people use a local French dialect and in former British colonies in the Caribbean people are speaking English.

Generally speaking most of Latin  America suffers from soft dictatorships or unstable democracies and a high level of corruption. Only in the last two decades Democracy seems to be firm and solid in Argentina and Chile. In other countries democracy is still reversible and the Army has great influence on the institutions and constitutions.

Most of Latin  America suffers from poverty, internal violence from left and right wing political organizations, from highly organized Mafia style gangs and drug cartels and from violent and un-obedient police forces.

Less the 1% of the Latin  America population, about 4.5 millions are Muslims: more then 1.5 million in Brazil and about 750,000 in Argentina and the rest are scattered in other countries in Latin  America.

All Latin  America countries have no historical, cultural or economical conflict with the Muslim or Arab world. On the contrary – all Latin  America was once occupied and exploited by the European powers. Therefore the Global Jihad was never focused on Latin  America or never targeted Latin  American targets as such.

Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires suffered twice from car bombs attacks on 03/17/1992 and 07/18/1994 against the Israeli Embassy and the local Jewish community offices committed by a co-production of Hizbullah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.  The attacks were an extension of the conflict between Hizbullah and Israel rather then the Al Qaeda style Jihad against the Western Democracies.

Terror attacks, as part of the Global Jihad and the War on terror, are very rare in Latin  America. But Latin  America, especially Mexico, is a favored convenient and efficient route to infiltrate the USA and a base for raising money to Islamic charities and, at the same time, for Radical activities supporting terror. Latin  America is only a secondary arena in the Global Jihad .


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