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Five people have been arrested in Birmingham in a series of dawn anti-terror raids, ON Tuesday 10/21/2008, UK police said.

West Midlands Police swooped on five separate residential addresses and two business addresses in and around the city to arrest the men, aged between 29 and 36, under the Terrorism Act, 2006.

“The arrests – on suspicion of being involved in the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism – took place at approximately 6am this morning at five addresses in the Birmingham area,” a police spokesman said. “As part of the investigation, two business properties were also searched.”

Police added that the arrests were as a result of a “long and complex investigation”.

However, the force added: “It is not related to any immediate plot or threat to public safety and police are not currently seeking anyone else in relation to the arrests”.

On Tuesday 10/28/2008, City of Westminster Magistrates Court remanded, up to 11/07/2008, the custody of Shahid Ali, 34, Mohammed Nadim, 29, and Shabir Mohammed, 30. They were charged with engaging in conduct with the intention of assisting in the commission of acts of terrorism between 04/12/2006 up to 02/01/2007.

The charge relates to the supply of equipment overseas for use in fighting coalition forces, insinuating to NATO-ISAF forces in Afghanistan.

A fourth man, Abdul Raheem, 31, was charged with failure to disclose information which may have assisted in preventing acts of terrorism, namely the supply of equipment to assist terrorists. Abdul Raheem was remanded in custody to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates Court on 11/21/2008.

On Monday 03/09/2009, Mohammed Nadim, Shahid Ali, and Shabir Mohammed, pleaded guilty to sending gear to insurgents fighting UK troops on the Afghan/Pakistan border.

Mohammed Nadim, of Bordesley Green, was jailed for three years, Shahid Ali, from Ward Green, and Mohammed Nadim, from Sparkhill, were jailed for two years and four months. Abdul Raheem, pleaded guilty to failing to disclose information on terrorism and was jailed for a year.

Acording to court the four were members of a terror cell run by Parviz Khan, who was jailed last year for life for plotting to kidnap and behead a soldier.

Nadim, Ali and Mohammed helped Khan send four shipments containing 86 boxes between April 2006 and February 2007.


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