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* Ahmed Laidouni was born in 1969 in France to a family from Algerian origin and is a French citizen.

In 1998 Ahmed  Laidouni, with Muhammad Chaouki  Baadache and David Courtailler, went to Afghanistan for military training in Al Qaeda’s training camp. When the three returned to France later the same year the CIA notified the French security service and they were put on a surveillance list. 

On 12/24/2002 Ahmed  Laidouni was arrested in France. He was charged with helping terrorist networks since returning from Afghanistan and connection with the “Roubaix Gang” GIA Faction. His trial, alongside two associates – Muhammad Chaouki  Baadache and David Courtailler, was opened in Paris on 03/17/2004.

On 05/25/2004 Ahmed  Laidouni was sentenced in Paris for 7 years in jail for recruiting volunteers to Afghanistan in the late 90s’.



 * Muhammad Chaouki  Baadache was born in Algeria in 1970 and is an Algerian citizen. He fled Algeria in the beginning of the Algerian civil war in 1992 and settled in Belgium.   

In 1998 Muhammad Chaouki  Baadache, Ahmed  Laidouni and David Courtailler went to Afghanistan for military training in Al Qaeda’s training camp. He was suspected of being a coordinator between Peshawar, Pakistan, the gate to Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and his role was, probably, to approve the background of volunteers from UK, Spain and France, among them also that of Rashid Ramda. 

Muhammad Chaouki  Baadache was arrested in France and was charged with having had ”operational contacts at the very highest level” with Islamic militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan while in charge of a hostel in Peshawar, Pakistan, in the 1990’s. His trial, alongside Ahmed  Laidouni and David Courtailler, began in Paris on 03/17/2004

On 05/25/2004 Muhammad Chaouki  Baadache was convicted on most charges, including indirect assistance to the Madrid Trains Bombing, and sentenced in Paris for 10 years in jail and deportation from France for good afterwards. The Judge defined Muhammad Chaouki  Baadache as a person who dedicates himself to terror.


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