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Karnataka is a state in South West India. On Friday 10/27/2006, after a dramatic shootout, the Karnataka police arrested two suspects: Fahad Hai (24) from Karachi and a chemical engineer, and Ali Hussain (25) from Manesara in Sind province in Pakistan – a college dropout, of plotting a terror attack in Bangalore, the state capital and the Indian Silicon Valley, Hubli, Goa and other places.

Both suspects landed in Mysore, Karnataka in 08/2005, rented a house and set up a novelty store to cover up their terror plans. Initially, they maintained a low profile to avoid detection and pretended to be businessmen.

Their interrogation revealed that the two, who police says belong to the Al-Badr terrorist group, had plans to blow up major structures like the Vidhan Soudha, the imposing state secretariat, in Bangalore, and attack vital installations in the high-tec sector. The interrogation also led to the exposure of a local Islamic terror network.   

In early 2008 the Indian police arrested Yahya Kamakutty (Also known as Yahya Khan) for his alleged role in plotting terror in the states of Karnataka and Kerala. His interrogation led to the arrest, on 02/25/2008, of Sayed Sameer alleged to be an accomplice of the software engineer Yahya Kamakutty and is believed to have information regarding the Mumbai Trains Bombing. Several SIMI members were also arrested. Sayed Sameer is suspected to be one of the treasurers of SIMI.

The trial of 12 suspects in belonging to a terror network related to SIMI and Lashkar-e-Toiba began at Hubli, Karnataka, in early 05/2008. The twelve are: Adnan, Shibli, Mohammad Asif, Asadulla Abubakker, Shakeel Mali, Allah Baksh, Yahya Kammukutti, Sayed Sameer, Syed Sadiq, Mohammad Ghouse, Riyazuddin Nasir and Mirza Ahmed Baig.

According to the police, Shibli worked for a well known IT firm in Bangalore and during the course of his employment, he had managed to muster up support from several techies, who had sworn to help him in his cause

Fahad Hai and Ali Hussain were put on trial separately in Bangalore on 12/15/2007.

* After an anonymous letter was sent to Hubli Bar Association a few months earlier, which stated that they would blast the court hall in which thetrial of terror suspects will be conducted, a bomb exploded on Saturday 05/10/2008 damaging the court hall. The trial was resumed on Monday 05/12/2008 in another court hall in Hubli.


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