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* Sheik Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Moayad was born in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, in 1948. In the late 80s’ he was the spiritual mentor of Osama Bin Laden and connected to the Yemeni intelligence establishment in helping USA to recruit volunteers for the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Mohammed Al-Moayad helped funnel Islamist warriors to Bosnia for Al Qaeda from 1992 through 1995.  

On 01/10/2003 Mohammed Al-Moayad was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany.  On 11/16/2003 he was extradited to USA along with his aid Mohsen Yahya Zayed, born in 1974.

The interrogation of Mohammed Al-Moayad led to the arrest of Abad Elfgeeh, from the Al Farook Mosque in Brooklyn, who formed a sort of a private bank and served as a banker for the money raising network.

The trial of Mohammed Al-Moayad began in Brooklyn, New York on 01/25/2005.  The prosecution relied largely on secretly videotaped conversations between the defendants and a pair of undercover FBI informants at a Frankfurt hotel in Germany in 2003.

One of the informants, Mohamed Alanssi, testified that Mohammed Al-Moayad boasted about giving money, weapons and recruits to Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Mohamed Alanssi said Al-Moayad told him he personally delivered $20 million to Bin Laden before The 9/11 and $3.5 million to Hamas.

Surveillance tapes played in court showed Mohammed Al-Moayad and the informants discussing funneling $2.5 million into the fight against America’s “Zionist government”.

At his trial, a “protected” Croatian witness testified that Mohammed Al-Moayad was involved in laundering $800-$900 million from a Saudi charitable organization through the Croatian Zagrebacka Bank. The stated purpose of these funds was to aid Muslim refugees from the 1992-1995 Bosnian war, but 90 percent of this money actually went to Al Qaeda guerrillas fighting with the Bosnian Muslim side.

Mohammed Al-Moayad claimed that he, indeed, helped Osama Bin Laden and served as his spiritual mentor, but it was at the time that he fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and was supported by America.

On 07/25/2005 Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Moayad was sentenced in Brooklyn, New York for 75 years in jail for raising, from 10/1997, $1.25 million for Al Qaeda and Hamas. His aid Mohsen Yahya Zayed received on 09/01/2005 45 years for raising $0.75 millions to the two designated terror organizations. 

On Thursday 10/02/2008 a federal judge overturned al-Moayad and Zayed’s verdict and ruled he should be tried again before another jury. According to the court the defendants’ right to a fair trial was prejudiced by the highly charged testimony of Scottish law student Gideon Black, whose cousin was killed in a Hamas suicide bomber’s attack on a Tel Aviv bus in 2002.

Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Moayad was released from jail, unexpectedly, on Monday 08/10/2009, and sent back to Yemen where he was released without any restrictions.  


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