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* Amiraslan Iskandarov served with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in 1999-2003, where was trained in fabrication and use of explosive devices, and poison-gas for mass destruction.

After Amiraslan  Iskandarov came back to Azerbaijan in 2003, he was engaged in anti-Azerbaijan campaign among representatives of ethnic minorities instilling hostility and hatred towards Azerbaijan in them, and even intended to establish and lead a relevant structure named “Jamaat”.

Having acquired explosives components, electronic devices etc., Amiraslan  Iskandarov and his accomplices, were going to set off explosions in the most crowded places in the capital Baku, those of residence and employment of foreign citizens, as well as force ministries, and other objects of strategic and vital importance for Azerbaijan. Besides, he was actively engaged in search for women who hold extremist, radical religious views, to train them to be shahid-kamikaze (Female suicide bomber – see – Black Widows).

The Iskandarov’s group drew up, on behalf of organization Al Qaeda Caucasus, a letter to the leadership of the country threatening with explosions in Baku.

By the end of 2004 Amiraslan  Iskandarov and 8 of his associates were arrested. Police found a relatively large amount of TNT, hand grenades, detonators and other explosives and ammunition, terror and Jihad propagating literature, video and audio tapes, as well as other illegal stuff in the possession of the Jamaat group..

All the members of the group were sentenced, on 03/24/2005, by the criminal Court to various periods of imprisonment from 3 up to 10 years. Amiraslan  Iskandarov himself received 10 years. 

* On 07/15/2005 The Azerbaijani police arrested 7 more Islamic militants near Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital. The police also uncovered a large stash of weapons and ammunition. 

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