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On 10/29/2007 the Azeri authority announced that they had foiled a plot to attack foreign delegations and embassies in the Country’s capital Baku.  

Azerbaijan is a majority Shiite Muslim nation on the Caspian Sea with close relations to Iran. According to Azeri authority a Sunni Lieutenant in the Army has deserted his unit in early 10/2007 taking with him 4 assault rifles, a machine gun and 20 hand grenades. He formed a group of 5 that planned to carry out terror attacks. The plotters were described as adherents of the strict Wahhabism interpretation of Sunni Islam.

The group was tracked down and raided by the security forces of Azerbaijan in Mastaga, a village 30km (20 miles) north-east of Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, on 10/27/2007. One group member resisted the arrest and was killed and the others were arrested.

Summary ;

From the information released by the Azerbaijani authority the Baku plot was an initiative of the deserting Lieutenant and was not affiliated to any known terror organization.

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