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Five more British soldiers have died in Afghanistan, on Friday 07/10/2009, bringing to eight the total killed over 24 hours, and to 13 the number of soldiers killed in the last nine days. 184 British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan since 2001- more than those killed in the Iraq war.


The recent losses raise the question why and what UK is fighting fore 10,000 miles away from home.


Unlike USA, UK was never attacked on her soil by Afghanistan or by people hosted by the Afghani regime. On the contrary, endless Islamic militants from Chechnya, Algeria, Bosnia, Pakistan the Palestinian territories and elsewhere found refuge in UK itself, prior to The 9/11. They based their political and financial headquarters in UK, raised large sums of money, openly and freely, all over Britain. Parts of the money ended in financing terror and suicide bombers among civilians causing casualties and pain all over the world.


After UK joined USA in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, some of those Islamic militants, so generously hosted previously in UK, hit back making London a real crucible of terror.


The reason UK joined USA in the war in Afghanistan and eventually became an occupant are: the historical bond between USA and UK; The personal good relations between President Bush and UK former PM Tony Blair; The Imperial legacy of UK that UK is fully entitled and even obliged to put in order remote “native” nations and to impose on them the right “enlightening” values of the West and the patronization that Western democratic values are indeed “universal” values. The “democratic” values of Afghanistan were not, in any way, in the thought of UK if not The 9/11.


With all respect those reasons are not enough to justify a war in which thousands of uninvolved were killed, hundreds of thousands displaced and especially when UK is one of the blunt countries lecturing Israel of occupying the Palestinian territories. The Palestinian territories were used always as a launching base for terror operations against Jews, prior to 1948, and against Israelis after 1948. Terror attacks against Israel were carried out from Gaza Strip and the West Bank prior to 1967 and ever since 1967. Unlike Britain in Afghanistan, Israel came under attack on its borders and its civilians from its first day in 1948 and much before. Israeli soldiers are fighting not 10,000 miles from home but less the 10 miles from their towns. By all means there is a much stronger justification to Israeli military operations in Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank then the Justification of UK to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan and by the way to kill hundreds of innocent Afghani civilians.


Former British PM Tony Blair, who sent the British Army to two wars without any provocation against UK and helped to bring political chaos to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which cause enormous suffering to many millions, a bloodshed of hundreds thousands, almost all of them uninvolved, is today a “Peace envoy” to the Israeli Palestinian conflict lecturing the Israelis to restrain their power and to hold back when Israeli civilians are under direct attack.


Well, it seems that UK does not imply on herself, whether under Gordown Brown or Tony Blair, the same standards they so strongly demand from others.
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