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* Jacques Karim AbiAyad, a French citizen, was born in 1965. He was arrested in Ipswich, Suffolk, east England, and his arrest, on 04/02/2004, after requesting a national insurance number using falsified documents. In the search in his house police uncovered documents and video footages related to Islamic terror, including bombs making manuals.  


Jacques Karim AbiAyad was suspected of obtaining and distributing documents related to Islamic terror. He was released on bail in mid 04/2004.  


Jacques Karim AbiAyad fled French, on 09/09/2000 after having stabbed, with two others, an innocent 15-year-old teenager who, according to Jacques Karim AbiAyad, committed racist abuse against his family, and entered UK illegally. In 10/2002 he was sentenced in France, in absentia, to life imprisonment.


Jacques Karim AbiAyad was rearrested in early 11/2004. On 11/25/2004, Jacques Karim AbiAyad faced trial. He was acquitted from the charges and supposes to be today (08/2009) a free man.  


* Mohammed al-Garbuzi was born in 1956 in Larache, Morocco and is a Muslim cleric. He arrived to UK in 1988 as a political asylum seeker from Morocco. He was implicated by the Moroccan intelligence with the Casablanca Bombings, on 05/16/2003. Mohammed al-Garbuzi was sentenced in Morocco, in absentia, to 20 years in jail in mid 2004.


After the London 7/7 attack Mohammed al-Garbuzi went underground in UK. British MI5 suspected that Mohammed al-Garbuzi was the head of the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (CICM) in UK. The French and German intelligence claimed he connected to Abu Qatada and Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq.


On 07/09/2005, two days after the London 7/7 a man with a full scarf appeared in an interview from the London office of the Arabic TV Channel Al-Jazeera. He claimed he is Mohammed al-Garbuzi and said he did not feel persecuted (which contradicted the head scarf). The real identity of the interviewed man was not verified. The Al-Jazeera reporter who interviewed him confirmed it was al-Garbuzi by checking his passport.


It is assumed that Mohammed al-Garbuzi fled to France where he is living today (08/2009). 
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