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An alleged suicide bomber lived in the UK before travelling to Iraq on a fatal mission, police have said. The 41-year-old French national from North African descent lived at an address in Manchester’s Moss Side, which has been raided by armed officers.


A 40-year-old “associate” of his, who lived at the same address, just 50 yards from the Al-Furqan local Islamic Centre, was taken into custody after the early-morning raid, on 06/22/2005. The suspect was arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 in connection with suicide bomb attacks on coalition forces in Iraq in 02/2005.


The two men are not believed to be related but lived in the same mid-terrace house on Great Southern Street in Moss Side. A police spokesman said: “This operation involved two suspects, one who used to live at the address in Great Southern Street before he travelled to Iraq to take part in a suicide bomb attack, and the other who was still living at the address until his arrest this morning.”


The police spokesman stressed the arrest was not in relation to any threat in the UK but to “an incident overseas” involving suicide bomb attacks in Iraq.


After the raid, police officers distributed information leaflets to people in surrounding houses and streets. They also said: “There is nothing to indicate that at any time there has been any threat to the community of Greater Manchester.”


Seven French citizens were killed, up to 06/2005, in the ranks of the Islamic insurgence in Iraq since the USA invasion to Iraq in 04/2003. 
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