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* Abdul Rahman was born in Pakistan in 1972 and came to the UK in 09/2004 on a four-year student visa to study biotechnology at Dundee University. He quit the course after one day telling his tutors he had money problems. He worked as a mobile phone salesman in Manchester area and lived in Heywood Street, in Cheetham Hill, Manchester.


When arrested, on 01/23/2007, Abdul Rahman had a jiffy bag ready to send to Afghanistan containing two hunting knives and mobile phones. When police raided Abdula Rahman’s house, they found computer discs of speeches given to crowds in Pakistan claiming “Allah is calling for Jihad”.

Abdul Rahman had initially been charged with assisting others to commit or prepare a terrorist act, which carries a maximum life sentence on conviction.


Abdul Rahman was put on trial. The judge sentenced Abdul Rahman, on 11/21/2007, as a result of plea bargain, for a maximum of 6 years in jail for 3 lesser charges:


1. Possessing a letter which amounted to a “call to arms” from a friend who was fighting in Afghanistan sent by his friend and former housemate Aslam Awan (pic), 25, who was fighting in Afghanistan and is now banned from entering the UK.


2. Disseminating terrorist propaganda – the first person ever to be charged and convicted for this offence.


3. Aiding the breach of a control order. Abdul Rahman had helped a 22-year-old British man – who cannot be named, coded as AK –  flee to Pakistan by paying his airfare (see also the case of Umar Arshad). Abdul Rahman gave him £480 to flee the country. Before taking a flight to Lahore via Tehran, CCTV filmed AK at Birmingham Airport after he had ditched his usual traditional Muslim attire for Westernized clothing. AK was released under strict conditions from British jail, on 04/12/2006 and fled UK the next day (see – ABC-Group ).
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