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In December 2006 a senior deputee to Mullah Omar, Taliban s’  leader in Afghanistan, Akhtar Mohammad Osmani was killed by an American air strike in Helmand district in South Afghanistan.

The Taliban came to the conclusion that one in their rank, Ghulam Nabi, was an American informant that provided the Americans with the necessary information.

On Sunday 22/04/2007 the Al Arabia TV network, based in Dubai, broadcasted a video footage showing the beheading with a knife of Ghulam Nabi by a young teenager wearing a camouflage jacket.


This event demonstrates the kind of education many youngsters receive all over the Muslim world, from the Madrassas in Pakistan to the Palestinian primary schools. The next generation of the Global Jihad is trained all over the Muslim world. There is not, yet, a meaningful opposition, in the Muslim world, to oppose that kind of brain washing.   

Since the overthrow of the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, in operation “Absolute Justice” in 12/2001, a civil war, with the same characteristic as in Iraq, is taking place all over Afghanistan.


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