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In summer 2009, few weeks before the Bundestag election in Germany, the Al Qaeda media branch, As-Sahab, distributed through the web propaganda footages aimed to influence the German public opinion. At least a half dozen threatening videos have shown up in 2009 that refer directly to Germany.

In the footages two Moroccan brothers from Kessenich suburb of Bonn, Germany, 27-year-old Mounir Chouka and 24-year-old Yassin Chouka, members of the  Islamic Jihad Union -IJU,  dressed in military outfits and white robes, attacked the infidel American and European occupation forces in Muslim nations. They speak in German with Turkish and Albanian subtitles. They used the names Abu Adam for Mounir Chouka and Abu Ibrahim for Yassin Chouka.

“Come and die an honorable death,” Mounir Chouka proclaimed encouraging his German Islamist brothers and sisters. Yassin Chouka then encourages all German Muslims to swear allegiance to the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar.

The Chouka brothers grew up in Germany, attended a Catholic kindergarten and School and seems as they adapted themselves to the German society including drinking beer from time to time.

In 2003 (the year of the invasion to Iraq) the Chouka brothers began to show interest in Islam, they attended Quraan lessons and, in 2005, did the pilgrimage to Mecca.  The Chouka brothers left, apparently to Hindukusch Mountains in North Pakistan, in fall 2008.  

The Chouka brothers, probably acquaintances of Bekkay Harrach, thought to be currently (09/2009) in hiding on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


 * On Tuesday 02/15/2011, JUndallah Studios, a jihadist media outlet that has published propaganda tapes from the Uzbek Islamic Movement -IMU in the past, published in the web a 5 pages statement in German of Yassin Chouka, Abu Ibrahim in which described his travels, with his brother Munir, from Europe to Pakistan, which included a stop in Yemen and several meetings with Anwar al-Awlaki.

 Yassin Chouka said that he and his brother “wanted then to go to one of the countries in which the jihad … is led…Whether the trip was to Somalia, Palestine, Chechnya, or Indonesia played no role for us,” he continued. “The main thing was that we went there.” He said that his first stop was Yemen, when he joined a “Jamaa,” or group, known as Al Murabitoon (Murabitoon are the legendary cavalry of the Prophet Muhammad in the early 7th century). The group fights alongside Al Qaeda against the Yemeni government in the western province of Hadramout, a known haven for Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

 “After a few months and after we knew Yemen better, we joined a Jamaa in Hadramout with the name Al Murabitoon,” Abu Ibrahim said. “This Jamaa is built on knowledge, has equipped itself with weapons, and fights side by side with Al Qaeda, with Allah’s help to overthrow the unfaithful government in Yemen.” Abu Ibrahim claimed that Al Murabitoon carried out attacks against the U.S Embassy (see – Sanaa 09.17.08), the Presidential Palace in Sanaa and military bases and police stations.

 According to Yassin Chouka they first traveled to Yemen and only later to FATA region of North-West Pakistan.


 * A private web monitoring group in USA – SITE Intelligence Group – said in early 08/2011  that “A source affiliated with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan -IMU had previously announced that Abu Adam (Mounir  Chouka) from Jundullah Media was seriously injured,” probably by a UAV missiles strike in North-West Pakistan, according to a statement by Gazavat Media, a website that caters to Turkish jihadists. The statement was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group. SITE Intelligence Group also said a jihadist forum member, in late 05/2011, posted that Muhib Hafeed Salahuddin was killed along with “a small group of his colleagues” in the Waziristan FATA region of Pakistan, according to the message that was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group. Although the message is not an official martyrdom statement released by a terrorist group, jihadists often use the Al Qaeda-linked forums to announce the deaths of lesser-known members of the terror groups. 

 * A video footage probably filmed in Pakistan, with Yassin Chouka was distributed through the web, on 05/22/2012, on behalf of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan -IMU. In the footage he called for the killing of Pro-NRW activists, including journalists. Pro-NRW is a civilian right-wing movement of North Rhine-Westphalia, active mainly in Cologne, calling for the deportation of illegal immigrants. Which are, most of them, Muslims too.

** Yassin Chouka, eventually, committed a suicide mission, near Baiji oil refinery in Iraq, according to I.S.I.S media reports on 06/15/2015 along with a Kuwaiti, a Palestinian and a British citizen  Talha Asmal .  


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