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Bekkay  Harrach was born on 09/04/1977 in Berkane, Morocco. He arrived to Germany in the late 90s’, is a German Muslim citizen, lived in Bonn district of Bad Godesberg and studied mathematics. Already as a teenager he stood in contact with the King Fahd Academy in Bonn, which probably had a first radicalizing impact on Bekkay  Harrach (see – King-Fahd, Bonn). He regularly visited the Muhadjirin Mosque in the center of Bonn, the same place, which was frequented by the Chouka Brothers.

Bekkay  Harrach rented a ground-floor apartment in Bonn-Tannenbusch and regularly invited about 30 young men to Quraanic reading circles and Islamic discussions. The youngest participants were about 15 years of age. As a result of the meetings, Harrach converted many to Islam. His explicit anti-Israel attitude led him in 2003 to travel to the West Bank, where he got wounded in a clash with the IDF. In 2006 Bekkay  Harrach publicly mobilized for a local demonstration against the Muhammad Cartoons and between 03/2006 and 03/2007 he was even deputy head of the registered society German Muslims in Bonn Association.

Bekkay  Harrach is married to a local German woman, Elisabeth, who converted to Islam.


Before Bekkay Harrach began his Jihadist career he was already active in Islamic Dawa (repentance) activities in his Neighborhood. Bekkay  Harrach was recruited by Aleem Nasir in the Muhadjirin Mosque to the cause of Global Jihad. He left Germany in early 2007 and traveled to an Al Qaeda training camp in the Afghan-Pakistani border, in FATA region, with the help of Rene Marc Sepac and a person who has been charged by a German court with human trafficking for Al Qaeda – Omer Ozdemir, a Turkish Al Qaeda suspect on trial in the German city of Koblenz. German courts restrict the reporting of defendants’ surnames. Bekkay  Harrach’s phone calls with Elisabeth were monitored by the German Security Service. 


Bekkay  Harrach became a member of Al Qaeda, either at the training camp or prior to his travel and got the nickname Abu Talha al Maghrabi or Abu Talha al-Almani (The German). He was believed to be under the protection of Taliban Warlord Sirajuddin Haqqani.


In or before 01/2009, Bekkay  Harrach appeared in an Al Qaeda video, distributed by As-Sahab, entitled “Das Rettungspaket fur Deutschland” (The rescue package for Germany). He advised Germany to disseminating Al Qaeda’s demands.


The video, produced with Bekkay  Harrach’s assistance, was posted on the Al‑Fallujah website, on 01/17/2009, and later appeared on several other Internet forums. Bekkay  Harrach’s words largely echoed those of Eric Breininger.


In the video, Bekkay  Harrach stated that German troops serving under a Security Council mandate in Afghanistan (NATO-ISAF) should expect to be attacked by Al Qaeda and the Taliban. He also stated that he and other fighters were not interested in a conflict with Germany, but that Germany would not be spared if it did not stay away from “evil”.


In another German-language Internet release distributed via the Al Qaeda media office on 02/26/2009, entitled “Der Islam und die Finanzkrise” (Islam and the financial crisis), Bekkay  Harrach called for a complete overthrow of the constitutional democratic order in Germany along the lines propagated by Al Qaeda.  Bekkay  Harrach was listed on 05/27/2009 pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 2 of resolution 1822 (2008) as being associated with Al Qaeda.

On 10/22/2009, Bekkay  Harrach was designated by USA Treasury as an Al Qaeda terror operative and his assets were frozen in USA (it is an official act since Bekkay  Harrach have no assets in USA).

According to intelligence sources in Germany the German militant Bekkay  Harrach was killed by an American UAV missiles attack in FATA region of Pakistan in mid 09/2010 (see also – US Attack 09.21.10).


But on Tuesday 01/18/2011 the German media reported Bekkay  Harrach was killed, with Javad Sediqi, fighting NATO-ISAF troops in Northern Afghanistan near Bagram Airbase (see -Bagram Row). His death was confirned by an audio footage broadcasted through the web praising his roll as a warrior of Jihad.


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