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When ever there is a serious economic crisis, such the global economic crisis of nowadays, it is always followed by a political and social crisis.  It is a combination of mistrust of the government performances and sincerity to cope with the crisis, anger of those who suffer the most, a demand for change and the need to blame someone of what happened that cause social and political unrest.


Minorities, strangers, newcomers and all kinds of exceptions, who are supposedly competing on jobs and welfare budgets, are the first to be targeted as being a part of the problem. They are also an easy target for some politicians, especially from the marginal opposition, to channel the frustration and anger toward the strangers, to blame the government of doing nothing and to score some additional points for themselves.


If in the early 20s’ century the obvious alien scapegoats were the Jews and they were blamed for whatever went wrong. Nowadays it is the new immigration to Europe, especially the Muslim immigration which already transforms the social infrastructure of Europe.  With the background of Global Jihad, radicalization of some segments in the Muslim population of Europe, the tendency of Muslim immigrants to form their own neighborhood in almost all the cities of Europe and their with a slow integration into the local European society no wonder that anti-Muslim feeling in Europe increases.


Since UK is one of the Western Democracies that suffers the most from the current economic crisis and has also a very large population of immigrants, many of them Muslim ( there are 2.5 millions Muslims in UK) Britain is, most likely, the place where such unrests supposes to breach out. 


On Saturday 09/05/2009, over 90 people were arrested in Birmingham when a group calling itself the English Defence League – EDL, said it was protesting against Islamic extremism, was met with a counter demonstration. The disturbances followed clashes in 08/2009, between English Defence League protesters and members of Unite Against Fascism.


Just about a week later, on Friday 09/11/2009, 10 people were arrested when protesters from the Stop Islamification of Europe (SIOE) group were involved in a demonstration outside Harrow Central Mosque in North East London to mark the anniversary of The 9/11. The British Communities Secretary John Denham said a recent rise in right-wing anti-Islamist militancy bore echoes of 1930s attempts by fascists to spread fear in Jewish areas of east London.


Next day, Saturday 09/12/2009, a pro-Palestinian rally scheduled several months ago has been switched from London’s Trafalgar Square to neighboring Pall Mall, much to the anger of the organisers. They blamed the decision on the English Defence League (EDL) and other right-wing.


One of the side effects of nowadays economic crisis is that the streets of London, as well as other towns in UK, are in risk to become yet another front in the Global Jihad. 
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