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* On 05/15/2008 evening a Federal Court in Ottawa, Canada, ruled that Mohamed  Harkat cannot move to a new condominium townhouse until he meets the security concerns raised by government officials. Therefore he will not be able to leave his basement apartment in Ottawa anytime soon.

Mohamed  Harkat was born in Algeria and arrived to Toronto, Canada, in 1995 via Malaysia, using a faked Saudi passport. He applied for refugee status. Mohamed  Harkat claimed that he was persecuted by the Algerian regime.

In Toronto he moved to live with another Algerian, Mohamed el-Barseigy, and was also introduced to Ahmed Said Khadr but there was no continuation to their relation. In 02/1997 his refugee status in Canada was granted. Mohamed  Harkat worked as a gas station attendant and a deliveryman for Pizza during his seven years in Canada, and married Sophie Lamarche.

As a result of Abu Zubaydah’s interrogation in Guantanamo and a request of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service – CSIS, Mohamed  Harkat was placed under administrative arrest in mid 2002. On 12/30/2005 a federal court dismissed Mohamed  Harkat’s application for release. In 04/2006, he was moved along with other four detainees to Millhaven Institution, into a new section specifically built for those held without conviction under security certificates.

On 05/23/2006 Mohamed  Harkat was released under strict condition by a Canadian Federal Court. On 01/29/2008, Mohamed  Harkat was arrested again for, according to Canadian authorities, breach of bail condition and released on bail after few days.

According to court documents, published on Monday 03/09/2009, Mohamed  Harkat was taped by the Canadian intelligence, in 03/1997, talking with a certain unidentified man he was ready to pay $1,000 to help out Abu Messab al-Shehre if ordered so by Abu Zubaydah, while Abu Messab al-Shehre was held at an Ottawa detention centre. Mohamed  Harkat said also he did not fear being contacted by him at home, although in previous testimony, Mohamed  Harkat denied any association with Abu Zubaydah.

Mohamed  Harkat acknowledges in court visiting Abu Messab al-Shehre in the detention center before he was deported from Canada to Saudi Arabia, later in 1997, as a security risk. 


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