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Abu-Zubaydah was born 03/12/1971 in Saudi Arabia. He went to Afghanistan, probably not for the first time, in 1995 through Spain, where he met Imad Yarkas  before arriving to Afgahnistan.  In Afghanistan Abu-Zubaydah associated with Sheikh al-Liby , later the al Khalden training camp commander in Afghanistan. 

 Abu-Zubaydah became the chief logistic administrator and recruiter of al Qaeda when Osama Bin Laden arrived to Afghanistan in the end of 1996 and became no’ 3 in Al Qaeda.

 On 12/1999 Jordanian security services foiled a big terror attack destined to the millennium eve 12/31/1999, the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM, after intercepting a phone call from Abu  Zubaydah to the local Jordanian leader of the plot Khader Abu Hoshar. Therefore Abu  Zubaydah was sentenced in 2002 to death in absentia in Jordan

  Abu  Zubaydah was involved as the coordinator of most al Qaeda plots in the world and among other operations he coordinated also:   

A.      Ahmed Ressam who was arrested in Port Angeles when he arrived from Canada on 12/14/1999. 

B.       The foiled attack on USS The Sullivans in the port of Aden, Yemen, on the 01/03/2000 with a bomb-laden boat. 
C.     The foiled attack to blow up the US Paris Embassy, France on 11/2001. 

 After Mohammed Atef was killed in operation Absolute Justice in Afghanistan in 11/2001 Abu  Zubaydah took over the military command of al Qaeda. 

 Abu Zubaydah managed to escape Afghanistan during operation ” Absolute Justice “ but was traced through his satellite phone and captured in Faisalabad, Southeast Pakistan on 03/28/2002 along with Alla Bin Ali Ahmed, Ali Abdullah Ahmed and others. Abu  Zubaydah was critically wounded by the Pakistani police shooting but his life was saved by American doctors. He was extradited to USA and is today (01/2007) imprisoned in Guantanamo. Ali Abdullah Ahmed was transferred to Guantanamo where, on 06/10/2006, he committed suicide along with two other fellow Guantanamo inmates (see – Gitmo-Suicides)  

* Abu  Zubaydah succeeded to deceive his interrogators in Guantanamo and to fabricate al Qaedas’ plots intended against USA causing several times false general terror alerts.

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