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On Friday 01/29/2010, Tony Blair the British former PM, who led UK into the doubted war in Iraq, gave his official testimony to the Iraq Inquiry committee in London, headed by Sir John Chilcot.  

Tony Blair explained the political atmosphere after The 9/11, the genuine fear that radical regimes, such as the Iraqi Regime of Saddam Hussein, will join hands with radical organizations such as Al Qaeda and provide them with Weapons of Mass Destructions – WMD. He also acknowledged that the intelligence was inconclusive but still “our own security is better with Saddam and his two sons out of power . . . then I believe indeed we are” – Tony Blair argued. Giving the suffering that the Iraqi people went through, the leverage that Iran obtained, due to the war, to promote its nuclear program, and the raise of terror cells in UK motivated by the invasion to Iraq, this declaration should also be questioned seriously (see – HUGE-OVERREACTION  ).           

Blair did acknowledge postwar planning was flawed. He said his government did not anticipate the role Al Qaeda and Iran would play in destabilizing Iraq after the fall of Saddam. The government had planned for a humanitarian crisis but did not foresee the sectarian violence that followed the invasion, he said.

In any war there are serious unexpected outcomes. That is why going to a war is always very risky, should be only the last resort after all other means failed and only for a real, worthwhile cause. But Al Qaeda was already based in Northern Iraq in 2003.  Al Qaeda was reformed after the first Gulf War in 1991 because of deep resentment toward the presence of Western Armies on Muslim soil and all the Arab Sunni World referred to Iraq as the front line and a major obstacle of Shiaa Iran to expend into Sunni Arab countries. That was also the reason why USA supported the same inhuman Saddam regime in the 80s’ during the Iraqi/Iranian war – the containment of the Iranian threat.   

Many experts in the Middle East, especially King Abdullah from Jordan, warned President Bush – before the invasion to Iraq – specifically from these two possible outcomes (see – IRAQ’S DEBT). Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt warned time and again that an invasion to Iraq will breach the fragile balance in the Middle East and play to the hands of Iran.   

Indeed nobody predicted sectarian violence to such an extent or the total collapse of law and order in Iraq but many predicted the course and direction which later indeed occurred in Iraq.

Tony Blair, nowadays a peace envoy to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, seriously claimed that UK is entitled to wage a preventive war because they did not like certain regimes.  UK had fears but no proof that the Iraqi regime might join hands with other enemies of the West, that UK can ignore the neighbors of Iraq and their political perspective over the Middle East although they suffer the most the consequences, since Britain always knows the best.

Tony Blair, in his testimony, covered his tail but revealed the reckless way UK went to war causing so much suffering and bringing so much instability to other nations while lecturing and patronizing so many other nations to behave differently.

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