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Mevlut K. & Dana Boluri -Sauerland Cell

Mevlut  K.



Mevlut  K. was born in the late 70’s, is of Turkish origin and lived until 2002 in Ludwigshafen, South West Germany. Mevlut  K. is alleged to have been a follower of Al Qaeda leader in Iraq – Abu Musab al Zarqawi. According to media reports after 2002 he was also working for the Turkish secret service and the CIA.


Together with Mevlut  K. Attila Selek managed to obtain 26 military detonators, 20 of which were smuggled in from Turkey and six from the Balkans, where Mevlut  K. apparently had contacts to other militants. The German police have evidence that the detonators found by the police were smuggled, unwittingly, in late 08/2007 by Aladin T, a 15-year-old German boy of Tunisian descent from Wolfsburg.


In 08/2009 the Federal Supreme Court of Germany issued an arrest warrant against Mevlut  K. At the time of this writing he was still at large.




Dana  Boluri



Dana  Boluri from the Islamist scene of the Ansar Mosque in Frankfurt-Riederwald, was introduced to the Sauerland Cell through Adem Yilmaz. On New Year’s Eve 2006 Dana  Boluri drove to Frankfurt’s main train station to pick up Fritz Nartin Gelowicz and Attila Selek with his Honda. The group, driving slowly several times around the military installation, was suspicious enough to be stopped and controlled by a police patrol. After his arrest following the exposure of the Ramstein Plot Dana  Boluri told investigators that he met Gelowicz and Selek in Saudi Arabia.


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