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Gofir Salimov & Najmiddin Jalolov

Gofir  Salimov aka Jafer



Gofir  Salimov was born on 02/27/1978 in Parkent, a suburb of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Gofir  Salimov is an activists of the of the Uzbek Islamic Jihad Union -IJU wanted in Uzbekistan for his involvement in the summer 2004 bombing attacks in Bukhara and Tashkent (see – March 2004 Attacks).


In 2005 Gofir  Salimov recruited in Damascus, Syria Adem Yilmaz and Attila Selek, who got the nick name Muaz to the Islamic Jihad Union –IJU and arranged their training in FATA region, North-West Pakistan in 03/2006 through Suhail Buranov the -IJU’s deputy leader in the Southern Asian region.


In 12/2005 Gofir  Salimov left Damascus to Waziristan, Pakistan, via Turkty and Iran.


On 09/04/2007, when the German police arrested members of te Sauerland Cell and the Ramstein Plot Suspects Gofir  Salimov managed to flee Germany to Zaidan, Iran, where the Makki Mosque has emerged as a center for -IJU logistics and the last stop for many European recruits before entering Pakistan. His whereabouts since then is unknown.




Najmiddin  Jalolov aka Ahmed



Najmiddin  Jalolov was born in Andijan region of Uzbekistan in 1972. He was wanted for terror by the authorities in Uzbekistan since 2000. Uzbek authorities believes Najmiddin  Jalolov was one of the organizers of the terrorist attacks committed in Uzbekistan in 1999 (see – Tashkent 99 Bombings) and 2004 (see – July 2004 Attacks).


 Najmiddin  Jalolov was a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan -IMU and then affiliated himself to the Taliban and Al Qaeda in FATA region of Pakistan as the  head of the Uzbek Islamic Jihad Union –IJU in Pakistan. Najmiddin  Jalolov headed –IJU’s training camps near Mir Ali in North Waziristan in the years 2004-9


Najmiddin  Jalolov is believed to have been killed, along with Kalimullah Mehsud, in a UAV Predator strike on 09/14/2009.


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