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The King Fahd Academy was founded in 1994 and is subject to direct control of the Saudi Arabian embassy in Germany. At first the academy had been welcomed by the city as it gave Bonn some of the political prestige back, which it had lost when after the German reunification the government moved to Berlin.

Therefore many Muslim migrants were given special permits so that their children could study at the Fahd Academy instead a German school. In 2003 the private school has increased enrollment to some 600 pupils, with Bekkay Harrach among them, 195 of whom have German citizenship. With only one hour of German per week compared to six hours of Arabic and eight hours of religious instruction, the school does little to integrate the children into their German surroundings, where statistics show the majority of them will later reside after graduation.

Reports said that several fundamentalists, well-known to security authorities, have sent their children to the school and to its affiliated mosque. Among them: Mamoud A., former head of the Islamist group frequented by Christian Ganczarski, the suspected accomplice of the Jerba bomber, and the Egyptian Sayed M., suspected member in the al Tawhid group with connections to Al Qaeda.

The situation changed only in 11/2003, when German security officials started scrutinizing the school curriculum and the Friday prayers and found an abundance of evidence that during prayers the imam called the audience to wage Jihad, that the school taught hatred against Jews, Christians and the West and encouraged the students to sacrifice their life for a world dominated by Islam. Although local officials tried to close the institute down, the foreign ministry wanted to avoid a negative impact on Saudi-German relations so that eventually the academy was only submitted to tighter controls and obliged to change its school books and curricula.

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