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After a bloody confrontation in which Hamas took over the control on Gaza Strip in summer 2007, between the majority of Hamas, as it emerged from the Palestinian general elections of 01/15/2006, and the Palestinian Authority, controlled by the Palestinian Liberation Organization – PLO, in which Hamas is not a member and has no representation at all, both sides signed on Wednesday 05/04/2011, a Unity pact in Cairo. PLO is representing all the Palestinian Diaspora and is the source of Palestinian Authority’s jurisdiction as the representative of Palestinians on the so called pre  “67 borders”.    


The details of the agreements achieved under heavy Egyptian pressure, are not much different than what was declared in the Mecca declaration of 02/08/2007 and the sharing power and reconciliation agreement following the Cairo Talks of 10/2008, led by Egypt, which the Hamas, eventually refused to sign (see – TOWARD-RECONCILIATION). According to the agreement new general elections will take place within a year with the participation of Hamas, Hamas will be integrated into PLO as the Palestinian President already suggested several times in the past and an interim Palestinian government of “professionals” will be formed for the meantime. Also in the agreement the Hamas will continue to control Gaza Strip, its own security apparatuses and military capacities. 


According to political Arab commentators both sides are seeking more legitimization –  the PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as the legitimate representative off all Palestinians in his plan to ask the UN General Assembly, in 09/2011, a worldwide recognition of a Palestinian State in the Jordanian pre 1967 borders of the West Bank and Hamas as an integral part of the Palestinian Society when its base in Syria is no longer stable.  The Hamas and the Fatah agreed to overlook and ignore their substantial differences (see – HAMAS-Fatah ).


 A – The political supervision and control over the Palestinian security forces, those in the West Bank loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, financed and trained by the Americans and the Europeans and those in Gaza Strip loyal to Hamas financed and trained by Iran and Hizbullah.  


B – The attitude toward the peace process with Israel. Hamas rejects totally any talks with Israel in which the subject is a possible peace and rejects totally the concept of two states “between the river (Jordan) and the sea”. The Fatah is ready to talk peace and a two-states solution but refuses to recognize the rights of Jews to self determination in a sovereign state of their own and insist on the Palestinian harsh interpretation of the “right of return” which is supposed to flood Israel with a population of about 5.5 million Jews with at least 3 million more Palestinians in addition to the 1.5 million Israeli Palestinian citizens. 


The Hamas immediate demand is to dismiss the current Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayad who is highly regarded and backed by the international community. But Hamas is ready to postpone the issue until after the UN General Assembly meeting, in 09/2011, and the recognition of a Palestinian State as a big step forward for the Palestinian cause without any Palestinian concessions and a tool to delegitimize Israel even more. 


To sum it up nothing is new in the Fatah–Hamas relation – it is still the same acceptation, the same division and the same deployment on the ground but the opportunity to mobilize Egypt against Israel and to tangle Israel is bigger. 


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