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Karim  Bourti was born in Algeria in 1967. Karim  Bourti, a former French citizen and an Algerian citizen was arrested in France on 05/26/1998, in the weeks leading up to the summer 1998 Football World Cup finals in France. He was convicted, on 12/12/2000, of being associated with Omar Saiki’s group and sentenced to 3 years in jail. Before The 9/11, Karim  Bourti, now living in France, had allegedly sent recruits to Al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan via London. He was known for his custom to wear Afghan style closes.

There were evidence connecting Karim  Bourti, and the people around him, to what judicial officials say were chemical weapons plots thwarted by arrests in the suburbs of Paris in 12/2002 (see – Ricin Plot) . Karim  Bourti was charged with assault after beating a moderate Muslim cleric in an attempt to extort funds from him.  According to French intelligence sources Karim  Bourti was a senior GSPC facilitator in France.

Karim  Bourti has claimed he recruited Brahim Yadel (see – French Teror 12.07) and Herve Djamal Loiseau, who was found frozen to death in the Afghan battleground of Tora Bora in late 2001.

Karim  Bourti had been stripped of French citizenship in 2006.




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