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Premeditated Coincidence


Egyptian intelligence was warning of Global Jihad terrorists’ intention to carry out terror attacks against the Israeli and USA embassies in Cairo, Egypt’s al-Masry al-Youm newspaper reported Tuesday 09/11/2012.
The newspaper claimed it has record of a letter dated 09/04/2012, a week before the controversy “Innocence Of Muslims” trailer sparked violent protests all over the Muslim World and especially in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya, addressed to the deputy interior minister, General Sami Sidhom, saying that the national security department at the general Intelligence HQ has informed the interior ministry on plans by terrorists in Egypt and Gaza to attack the Us and Israel embassies.

The letter stated the names of those involved in the plot: Nader Bassam Husim Juda, 22, from Gaza and Osama Abu Talha, estimated to be an Egyptian citizen.

Fox News, on Wednesday 09/19/2012, said it has obtained intelligence documents suggesting the US Embassy protest in Cairo was an effort to demand the release of the 02/26/1993 World Trade Center bomber the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. According to the documents from the Department of Homeland Security – DHS, the call to action was posted on the Internet two days before the 09/11/2012 attack in Cairo. There were calls on Egyptians to burn down the embassy if they had to, for the release of Omar Abdel-Rahman. Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge reported that there are talks of transferring him to Egyptian custody for humanitarian and health reasons. Eight senior Republican lawmakers have sent a letter to the Department of Justice – DOJ and the State Department responding to the report of transferring Abdel-Rahman.

DOJ spokesperson told Fox News that the idea of transferring the “blind sheikh” was absurd. In addition there was this response from the State Department: “Let me say, as clearly as I can, there is no plan to release the blind sheikh. There is no plan. To my knowledge, we have not been approached about it recently by any senior Egyptians.”

Herridge reported that Fox News has also obtained a three-page DHS intelligence report pointing to two days before the demonstration the department had information that there was a call for Egyptians to attack the US Embassy and force the release of Abdel-Rahman. It says, “The time has come for a strong movement from you, O sons of Egypt, to release the detained sheikh … Let your slogan be: No to the American Embassy in Egypt until our detained sheikh is released.”

Congressional sources tell Fox News that they believe the demonstrations in Cairo were a response in part to the anti-Islamic film but also for the push to obtain the release of the blind sheikh.

Giving the Jihadi links to the Benghazi violence and the killing of US Envoy C. Stevens, also on the anniversary of The 9/11, it seems violence was premeditated but was fueled in some degree by the publication of a two-minutes footage dubbed in Arabic of the provocative movie “Innocence Of Muslims”, not necessarily respectively to its English origin, broadcast on Al-Nas (The people), an Egyptian television station, just two hours before violence sparked in Cairo and Benghazi and long before they broke through in other palaces in the Muslim World.


* Indeed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, said, in an official statements carried by the official MENA news agency, he wants Omar Abdul Rahman to serve out the rest of his sentence at home, state media reported on Thursday 09/27/2012. “recent incidents around the US embassy in Cairo have delayed efforts in this regard,” MENA reported.




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