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Six men facing terror-related charges were driven by their Islamic faith to carry out jihad and allegedly amassed large quantities of chemicals to make explosives capable of death and mayhem, a court has heard.

In outlining the Crown case against the men, on Momday 10/27/2008, to potential jurors, Crown Prosecutor Richard Maidment SC said they each “strongly adhered to the Islamic faith” and were motivated by political, religious and ideological causes to allegedly conspire to carry out an act of violent jihad on the Australian community.

Mr Maidment said the men – three Sydney Cell members: Khaled CheikhoMoustafa Cheikho and Mohammed Omar Jamal,  Bradley Omar Baladjam, Mohammed El-Omar and Abdul Rakib Hasan – were allegedly devoted to the pursuit of violent jihad which he said each believed was founded in the teachings of Islam. Each of the men has pleaded not guilty.

Mr Maidment told the first group of potential jurors the men had allegedly obtained large quantities of chemicals including acetone and hydrogen peroxide and planned to detonate an explosive device or devices.

He also said the men were allegedly found with written instructions which would have enabled them to manufacture explosives “capable of causing substantial damage and loss of life”.

A large quantity of literature supporting Osama bin Laden was also allegedly found in the men’s possession, Mr Maidment told the court. This allegedly included still images and video containing material in support of violent jihad.

Justice Anthony Whealy told the potential jurors they should not offer their services if they felt they could not be impartial to people of the Muslim faith.

** Five of the Sydney cell members were convicted, on Friday 10/16/2009 (see – Conviction 10.16.09 ).


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