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Canadian police have arrested two Ottawa residents in a terrorism probe, officials said on Wednesday 08/25/2010. The RCMP terrorism investigation Known as “Project Samosa” reportedly began with intelligence passed on by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.


 A Royal Canadian Mounted Police national security team was also searching for evidence in the capital city on Wednesday, police said.


Canadian media reported the suspects were planning an attack inside Canada, though the plans were not well defined. Few details were available but the RCMP has scheduled a news conference for Thursday.


 Officers attached to the RCMP’s Ottawa division made the arrests on Tuesday 08/24/2010 “in relation to terrorist offences,” the police agency said in a statement.However the suspects are thought to be part of an alleged Al Qaeda bomb plot hatched in Ottawa over the past two years.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported that the two suspects were residents of Ottawa and that more arrests were expected.

On Thursday 08/26/2010 the two suspects, identified as Hiva Alizadeh, 30, and Ahmed Misbahuddin, 26, who is married, made their first appearance at an Ottawa courthouse. The Toronto Star reported on its website on Thursday morning that a third arrest had been made. Both have names that suggest they are Kurds from Iran.

Hiva Alizadeh faces charges of financing terrorism, possessing explosives and making property available to terrorists, lawyers involved in the case say. Prosecutors accuse him of being a driving force behind a nascent Al Qaeda-linked bomb plot.


Ahmed Misbahuddin, an Ottawa X-Ray technician accused only of the lesser charge of facilitating terrorism.  A third suspect,  Dr. Khuram Sher, 28, was also arrested. The charges against him have yet to be announced.


Counterterrorism authorities say that the year-long investigation that led to charges against the men is no laughing matter, suggesting the most key suspects may have travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan to develop ties to Al Qaeda-linked terrorists overseas.

The lead investigator in the case, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Chief Superintendent Serge Therriault, said, in a new conference in Ottawa, on Thursday 08/26/2010, police had arrested the three suspects this week because they believed an attack was imminent.


“This group posed a real and serious threat to the citizens of the national capital region and Canada’s national security,” Mr Therriault told reporters.


He said the group had sought to support anti-coalition fighters in Afghanistan. It was unclear whether the group planned attacks in Canada.


Another three people identified in the court documents as being involved in the conspiracy — James Lara, Rizgar Alizadeh and Zakaria Mamosta — do not appear to have been arrested or charged, they believed to be outside Canada.
A fourth suspect Awso Peshdary, 20, a father of a six-month-old girl and works at a call centre, was arrested on Saturday 08/28/2010. Awso Peshdary was freed on bail, on Friday 09/03/2010, on the condition that he stay away from his wife, not own any weapons and not apply for a passport, which means he had only a minor role in the cell.

Dr. Khuram Sher was released on bail with conditions, on Wednesday 10/13/2010.


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