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Ann Coulter is a conservative American political commentator and writer and an outspoken scathing speaker against the growing grip of Islam in the Western Democracies. She has the tendency to generalize the Muslims and to use provocative and insulting terms in here comments and lectures.


During an appearance, on Monday 03/22/2010, at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, a female Muslim student noted that Ann Coulter had once said that Muslims should be banned from airplanes and should use flying carpets instead. Ann Coulter responded by telling the student that she could “take a camel”. Indeed the two expressions are provocative, generalize the Muslims and insulting but they are fare from inciting or instigating to violence.  


On Tuesday 03/23/2010 evening, Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak about “political correctness, media bias and freedom of speech” at the University of Ottawa as part of her tour to lecture in several Canadian Universities.  Already before that appearance, Ann Coulter had been warned by François Houle, the University of Ottawa’s provost, that someone who makes intemperate racial remarks can be prosecuted in Canada.


The presence of a large and mostly unfriendly crowd outside the lecture hall and a somewhat chaotic series of events, including a false fire alarm, led, eventually, to the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s speech . Professor Houle’s suggestion that Ms. Coulter’s views might violate the country’s hate-crime laws was widely rejected. In an editorial on Wednesday, The Globe and Mail, a Toronto-based rival to the Post, condemned the Ottawa University as trying to restraint Free-Speech.  


Allan Rock, the university’s president, rejected accusations that the university had stifled free expression. “Freedom of expression is a core value that the University of Ottawa has always promoted,” he said in a statement. “We have a long history of hosting contentious and controversial speakers on our campus.”


Already on 09/09/2002 the Israeli current PM Benjamin Netanyahu failed to give a speech in Montreal’s Concordia University due to violent protest of Pro Palestinian organizations.


Freedom of speech distinguishes between the Islamic World, the totalitarian world, the former Communist regimes and the Western Democracies. It is behind the unprecedented success of the Western Democracies in technological and economical progress, the tremendous advance in science, human rights, level of life and life span. The Otawa University episode is yet another attempt to redraw the line of freedom of speech and will, eventually, end with the fading of the Western Democracies.  
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