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Sheikh Qasim Ibrahim Nur, the national security director of Somalia’S interim government, said, on 12/13/2007, that the “Council of Islamic Courts” ( C.I.C ) is regrouping. He also said that 80% of the country is not under Somalia’S interim government control. “Islamists are planning to launch a massive attack against the [government] and its allied troops” – Sheikh Qasim Ibrahim Nur added.

Abdulaye Hassan, a Hawiye tribe spokesman, said on Thursday 12/13/2007, Ethiopian troops must leave Somalia for the country’s ailing transitional institutions to garner any legitimacy and a political solution to emerge.  

The Hawiye clan is the largest in Somalia and is dominant in the capital Mogadishu, although some divisions exist amongst its numerous sub-clans.

Council of Islamic Courts” ( CIC ) took over Mogadishu and most of Somalia in 06/2006. Because USA considered CIC as a wing of Al Qaeda – America encouraged Ethiopia to invade Somalia in order to introduce a pro American regime.

Since the Ethiopian-Somali War in 12/2006 Somalia runs under an interim government supported by Ethiopian troops and in constant civil war and bloodshed. 

Due to the success of containing Al Qaeda in Iraq, the closing of the border between Syria and IRAQ, which reduces the number of Al Qaeda volunteers streaming to IRAQ and the Sunnite tribes in IRAQ, once allies to Al-Qaeda and now, turned against Al-Qaeda, there is a growing number of Islamic Jihady volunteers who travel to Somalia and North Africa to wage Jihad there. (see – Awakening Council )

** The Ethiopian-Somali War caused a major humanitarian crisis in Somalia (see – Triple disaster). According to Somalia’S Elman Human Rights report from 12/02/2007 – 5,960 civilians were killed in Mogadishu alone since 01/2007 (see – Mogadishu violence).


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