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Kamel  Bourgass was born in Algeria in 1974. In the early 90’s he was an activist of one of the most extreme Islamic groups in ALgeria, the “Armed Islamic Group” (GIA). He probably fled Algeria in the mid 90’s when the military authority there began to overcome the Islamic groups. 


From ALgeria Kamel  Bourgass went to Afghanistan to join the training camps of Al Qaeda. In 01/2000 Kamel  Bourgass arrived to UK and asked for political asylum on the ground that he is persecuted in his home country and if he will return to Algeria he would face torture and death.

Kamel  Bourgass lived in North London and was a frequent prayer in Finsbury Park Mosque , run by the radical Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri and a breeding ground for extreme Islamic activists

Kamel  Bourgass ’ request for asylum was denied in 08/2001 but he continued to live in London illegally. He was even arrested for one night for shoplifting in 2002 but was not identified because he used faked documents, several identities and names.

After an interrogation in Algiers of a Muslim militant, Mohammed Mugrabi, the Algerian Intelligence passed to France the information that a group of Algerians in Europe is planning to scatter highly affective poison, Ricin, in places like underground tunnels or public halls, in order to cause maximum casualties in the heart of Europe.

 Following the Ricin plot information the British police raided a flat in Manchester on 01/07/2003 and arrested 6 suspects in the plot, all of them were later acquitted from charges related to the Ricin Plot, but Kamel  Bourgass who was in the apartment managed to escape.

He was tracked down few days later, on 01/13/2003, in his apartment in North London and when the police tried to arrest him and two other suspects he stabbed to death a special branch policeman Stephen Oake.

In Kamel  Bourgass ‘ apartment the police found 14.000 $, Islamic propaganda materials, CD with instructions how to manufacture Ricin and Cyanide in an improvised laboratory and 22 castor beans,  which can be used as raw material for the poison Ricin, but not the poison itself.

In 07/2004 Kamel  Bourgass was convicted for the murder of Stephen Oake  and sentenced to life in prison. On 04/13/2005 he was convicted again for plotting to spread Ricin and other poisons on the UK ‘s streets.

Epilogue ; 

The Kamel  Bourgass s’ case awaked a public debate in UK about the Immigration policy and the fate and judicial status of some Algerians known only as A, B, C … (see – ABC-Group) that are wanted in Algeria for being Islamic Terrorists and face there torture and death sentences. These Algerians, with a similar background as Kamel  Bourgass, a part of them entered UK illegally, are kept administratively in British Jail without charges.   

* On Sunday 03/14/2010, Kamal  Bourgass injured
Three prison officers, including a female officer, with a broken bottle at Frankland Prison, Durham.

* On Friday 02/18/2011 Kamel  Bourgass and Tanvir Hussain, after they claimed their human rights were violated when they were put in segregation units for extended periods. 

Kamel  Bourgass and Tanvir Hussain (see – Atlantic-Plot convicted ) claimed their human rights were violated when they were put in segregation units for extended periods. On Friday 02/18/2011, Mr Justice Irwin, sitting in London, rejected their claims that they had been treated unlawfully and unfairly and upheld the segregation.


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