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Mohammed Momin  Khawaja was born in Ottawa, Canada on 04/24/1979 to a family from Pakistani descent. He has three brothers and a sister.  His father, Mahboob Momin  Khawaja, is in Saudi Arabia working at a technical college. Since moving to Canada he has published several books and papers critical of Western influence on Middle East politics. In the years 1988-1993 Mohammed Momin  Khawaja lived with his family in Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Momin  Khawaja went to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School in Ottawa and graduated in 01/1998. He continued to study computer programming at Algonquin College and graduated in 04/ 2001.

In 2000 Mohammed Momin  Khawaja began teaching kids at the local mosque in Cumberland, Ontario. He taught the Koran reading and Islamic history. He also became more religious and grew a beard.

In 01/2002 Mohammed Momin  Khawaja traveled to Pakistan. He spent three months there with his uncle looking for a wife. In Pakistan he took a computer course before returning to Ottawa.

In summer 2002 Mohammed Momin  Khawaja began to work on contract as a computer software operator for the Foreign Affairs Department, but authorities said he had no access to classified documents.

After Mohammed Momin  Khawaja knew a Pakistani girl, Zeba, he traveled on 10/2003 once again to Pakistan to meet her. In a dinner at her house Mohammed Momin  Khawaja was introduced to Mohammed J. Babar, a coordinator to the Fertilizer 04 Plot in UK. In this meeting Mohammed Momin  Khawaja, probably, agreed to assist in the plot.   

In 02/20/2004, after e-mail exchanges, Mohammed Momin  Khawaja, already under surveillance, traveled to London and met there, in an internet café, with Omar Khyam and other members of the Fertilizer 04 Plot.   

On 03/29/2004 Mohammed Momin  Khawaja was arrested in Ottawa in connection with the Fertilizer 04 Plot in UK and was accused of participating in the activities of a terrorist group, and facilitating a terrorist activity. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) he was part of the plot from 11/2003 up to his arrest.

Mohammed Momin  Khawaja cooperated with his investigators and gave testimony against the Fertilizer plotters in London in 2006.

Epilogue ; 

* Mohammed Momin  Khawajas’ father Mahboob Momin  Khawaja was arrested in Saudi Arabia on 03/30/2004 by request of Canadian authority but he was released without any charges on 04/14/2004.

* On Monday 06/23/2008 Momin  Khawaja’s trial on seven criminal charges including use of explosives, participating in a “terrorist group” and financing such a group began in Ottawa, Canada. On Wednesday 10/29/2008 , Mohammed Momin  Khawaja was convicted for most charges.

 *  Ontario’s top court has raised, on Friday 12/17/2010, the sentence of Momin Khawaja from 10 years to life in prison.

* On 01/16/2012 Mohammed Momin  Khawaja was scalded with boiling water by a fellow inmate also convicted on terrorism charges, in a Quebec prison. The attacker was identified as Zakaria Amara. The circumstances and the background of the dispute aer not fully clear . 

Summary ; 

The direct role of Mohammed Momin  Khawaja in the Fertilizer 04 Plot is unclear. He was probably, in a stage of checking out and indecision whether to become an Islamic terrorist. Mohammed Momin  Khawaja is mainly responsible for holding information from the authority. 


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