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* Mohamed Belfatmi was born on 04/03/1976 in TIARET, Algeria. He lived in Tarragona, Spain.

Mohamed  Belfatmi, alias “Mohamed the Algerian,” was a member of the Al Qaeda affiliated cell operated in Spain under Imad Yarkas in the years prior to The 9/11. His main activity was to raise money and recruit volunteers to the War in Chechnya against the Russians, to Bosnia and to Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  Mohamed  Belfatmi had close relations with the Hamburg Cell members, especially with Said Bahaji and with Amer Azizi, the middle-man to Al Qaeda.

Prior to the Tarragona Meeting, the last coordination meeting before The 9/11 attack, Mohamed  Belfatmi rented a house in Terragona. According to the Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon the house was used for The 9/11 “final planning sessions”.  Mohamed  Belfatmi also was in constant connection with Ramzi Binalshibh.

The week before The 9/11 Mohamed  Belfatmi with Said Bahaji flew to Karachi, Pakistan to join Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Ramzi Binalshibh joined them a few days later.  

Today (09/2007) Mohamed  Belfatmi is a fugitive and his location or deeds are unknown to the intelligence in Europe.

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