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* Bislan Ismailov, a Chechen, was born in 1980 and is a Russian citizen. Bislan  Ismailov arrived to Holland in 2001 as a refugee and an asylum seeker from Chechnya. He became a member of the Hofstad Group and a supporter of the Chechen Muslims fighting the Russians in Chechnya.

Bislan  Ismailov threatened the Dutch PM from Somali descent Ayaan Hirsi Ali because of the film she made with Theo van Gogh named “Submission”.  The movie dealt with violence against women in Islamic societies. 

According to some unconfirmed information Bislan  Ismailov and his uncle Borz Ali, expended their activity, in the years 2004-5, to the border region between Peru and Colombia, which raises suspicions that they were involved in drug and weapon trafficking there. 

After the assassination of Theo van Gogh on 11/02/2004 the Dutch police found on the note left by the killer, Mohammed Bouyeri, the fingerprint of Bislan  Ismailov.  

Bislan  Ismailov was arrested in Tours, central France, on 05/18/2005 with a second man from Chechen origin identified only as Marad, 22. He was extradited to Holland on 06/06/2005.  On 07/25/2005 Bislan  Ismailov was released in Holland without any charges.

The FBI suspects that Bislan  Ismailov, and his uncle Borz Ali, were involved in arms traffic, laundering money, and the funding of Chechnya -related terrorist groups.

Today (09/2007) Bislan  Ismailov is a free man. 

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