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* Ismail Akhnikh, alias Suhaib, was born in Amsterdam to a family from Moroccan descent on 10/22/1982. In 2002, he attended regularly the radical Al-Tawheed Mosque in Amsterdam where he got acquainted with other future members that formed the Hofstad Group in the fall of 2002.     

Ismail  Akhnikh became an active member in Hofstad Group and in summer 2003 he traveled with Samir Azzouz to Barcelona to meet there with Abdeladim Akoudad for guidance and instructions.

On 10/14/2003, after the primary interrogation by the Spanish police of Abdeladim Akoudad in Barcelona, Spain, Ismail  Akhnikh was arrested in Holland along with Redouan al-Issar, Samir Azzouz and Jason Walters all members of Hofstad Group, for planning a terrorist attack in the Netherlands, but was released soon after because of lack of evidence.

In summer 2004 Ismail  Akhnikh, with Jason Walters, visited Pakistan, for one week, and returned back to Holland while his friend, Jason Walters, stayed for a month of training.  

On 11/08/2004, six days after the brutal assassination of Theo van Gogh, Ismail Akhnikh read out, on the web, an announcement from the so-called “Islamic Jihad Brigades” in full endorsement of the killing of van Gogh and said “Yes, we did slaughter a lamb (animal) according to the true Islamic tradition. This will be also the punishment for everyone in this country who insult and challenge Allah and his messenger. Tomorrow, it is your turn Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Inshallah (with God’s will ).”

On 11/10/2004, in an attempt to arrest some of the Hofstad Group members, Ismail  Akhnikh and Jason Walters, 21, were involved in a 10-hour siege at a home in The Hague after five members of a police arrest team were wounded by a hand grenade they threw. They were sentenced on 01/10/2006 to 13 and 15 years in prison respectively.  

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