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Abdeladim  Akoudad was born in 1967 in MoroccoAbdeladim  Akoudad, alias Naoufel, was a key member in the Hofstad Group in Holland and a contact man with Moroccan cells operating in Holland, Spain, Morocco and Iraq.  

According to the Moroccan authority Abdeladim  Akoudad, who is believed to be a member of the radical Islamic groupSalafia Jihadia”, played a major role in the executing of the Casablanca Bombings.

Abdeladim  Akoudad was arrested in Barcelona, Spain, in 10/2003 at Morocco’s request. His primary interrogation led to the arrest on 10/14/2003 of 4 Hofstad Group members:  Samir Azzouz, Redouan al-Issar, Ismail Akhnikh and Jason Walters for planning a terrorist attack in the Netherlands, but they were released soon after because of lack of evidence.

In 07/2007 Abdeladim  Akoudad was extradited to Morocco to face the charges against him related to the Casablanca Bombings 

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