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The strategic Swat District was the scene of a CIVIL WAR between the pro-Taliban Pashtu tribes and the Pakistani regime since the Lal Mosque crisisin 07/2007. The fighting took place along the border with Afghanistan in North and South Waziristan.

Hundreds of suicide bombers committed attacks against army convoys and posts, in the main towns of Pakistan and on political rivals.  The peaks were the Karachi carnage, on 10/18/2007, which claimed the life of more than 130 people, and Benazir Bhutto assassination, on 12/27/2007, orchestrated by Baitullah Mehsud , the pro Taliban warlord from South Waziristan.

Although many thousands were killed the PAKISTANI ARMY , time and time again, failed to impose order on the region, suffered from law moral, desertion and the questionable loyalty of the Pakistani soldiers. Pakistan plunged to bloodshed.

Despite that Benazir Bhutto declared several times that she stands firm against Islamic militancy and promised decisive measures against Taliban, Al Qaeda and alike, including authorizing USA troops operations in Pakistan in certain circumstances.  Her party, the PPP (PAKISTAN People’s Party) and the new Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani adopted an opposite approaches toward Radical Islamists and pro-Taliban Pashtu tribes in Pakistan..

On 04/21/2008 the newly elected Pakistani Government declared a reconciliation program with the insurgence pro-Taliban Pashtu tribes in North-West Pakistan. The government released as a gesture, Maulana Sufi Mohammad , a former pro-Taliban warlord from Swat District. A cease fire with pro Taliban tribe leaders in Waziristan, including with Baitullah Mehsud, was declared.

Indeed, on Wednesday 05/21/2008 the provincial government in North-West Pakistan has agreed to pull troops out of Swat valley district under a peace agreement signed with pro-Taliban militants led by Maulana Fazlullah . The government hinted they will also allow the Islamists to impose Shariaa law in Swat

The Islamists allegedly agreed to stop suicide and bomb attacks on security forces in Pakistan, close down their camps, hand over any foreign militants (not referring the Pashtu tribesmen who are not considered foreigners) in the area and stop obstructing girls’ education.  Pakistan government hopes that the agreement will be a model for further arrangements

In fact the new Pakistani regime formed a Radical Islamic autonomy with a deferent set of rules, allied to the Taliban, with the tendency to implement similar agreements in other border regions with Afghanistan. 

There is a growing concern in Afghanistan and NATO-ISAF, based on recent experience with Pakistan, that a Pakistani national reconciliation with the most extreme Islamic militants in the world will eventually create a safe haven for the Taliban, ease of military pressure on the Taliban tribesman and improve their maneuverability on the border regions with Afghanistan.

Epilogue ;

On Saturday 05/24/2008 Baitullah Mehsud assembled a press conference in his hiding place in South Waziristan. Baitullah Mehsud said that although he intends to stick to the cease fire declared with the Pakistani government he will continue the fight against the Americans in neighbor Afghanistan and send his fighters to support the Taliban.


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