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Dr’ Mahmoud Abbas, the president of half of the Palestinian Authority and the allegedly co-partner for peace with Israel, got his Doctorate in Moscow University in 1982 on the thesis The Secret Connection between the Nazis and the Leaders of the Zionist Movement”, suggesting that the Holocaust was a Jewish invention in order to justify the immigration to Israel and the suffering of the Palestinians.  It is, although, possible that he changed since his mind.

In 07/2000, in Camp David convention, he was the firmest adviser of Yasser Arafat to reject Israeli proposals, because Israel demanded to link the proposals with the official “end of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians” issue. In the eyes of Mahmoud Abbas “end of the conflict” meant to perpetuate Israel as a Jewish state, which he completely rejected.  

After Mahmoud Abbas was elected as Palestinian President on 01/09/2005, on 03/17/2005, Mahmoud Abbas signed in Cairo, Egypt the “Hudna” (In Arabic – temporary cease fire) agreement with Hamas and other Palestinians factions. In the agreement Mahmoud Abbas accepted with his signature these principles:

A. – The Hamas radical formula of the Palestinian “Right of Return” which practically means the abolition of Israel as a Jewish state.


B. – To enable the Hamas to participate in the Palestinian elections, although according to Oslo accords, in the Palestinian elections groups who denied the right of Israel to exist were banned from taking part.

After the Cairo “Hudna” agreement Mahmoud Abbas managed to convince Condoleezza Rice, the foreign secretary of USA, that Hamas should participate in the elections arguing that:


1.-  Hamas cannot win more than 30% of the vote.

2. – The participation in a political democratic election will, surely, moderate Hamas.

3. – The participation of Hamas in the elections, in itself, is a sort of recognition of Oslo accords and, indirectly, recognition of Israel as the counterpart in Oslo accords.

4. –  He, Mahmoud Abbas, cannot be a legitimate representative of the Palestinian people if not all the Palestinian factions will take part in the election.


Mahmoud Abbas was so persuasive that he convinced Condoleezza Rice to force Israel to accept the Hamas participation in the coming election.  The result of the elections, on 01/25/2006, was that Hamas won 73 out of 128 seats in the Palestinian Parliament.

On 02/08/2007 Mahmoud Abbas signed with Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas leader, the  Mecca declaration in order to solve the constitutional crisis between Fatah and Hamas in the Palestinian Authority,  in which Mahmoud Abbas reconfirmed all the principles of the Cairo “Hudna” agreement and especially his commitment to merge Hamas in the PLO. At that stage some commentators, even inside the Fatah, argued that the real agenda of Mahmoud Abbas is to introduce Hamas into the Palestinian Authority and the PLO.

In 06/2007, when Hamas took over Gaza Strip in a well planned military operation, The Fatah was bigger and better equipped then the Hamas and was waiting for specific orders from Mahmoud Abbas, who systematically insisted on being far abroad whenever there was a crisis in the Palestinian Authority, but the orders never came and his refrain from leading the Fatah attributed to the fast collapse of his forces in Gaza (see – HAMAS 08.2007).

The general Palestinian prosecutor in the Fatah controlled West Bank is a Hamas supporter, who systematically refuses to approve the arrest of Hamas followers in the West Bank, also as a preventive measure to stop the Hamas from arresting Fatah loyalists in Gaza. In fact,  Mahmoud Abbas adopted a passive approach toward the Hamas in the West Bank, claiming that he has not enough policemen, they are not equipped, did not received basic training and because of Israel they are unable to function. Generally the excuses are meant to squeeze more money from Europe or USA. Recently Mahmoud Abbas initiated, through Egypt and Saudi Arabia, reconciliation talks with the Hamas in Cairo.

On 08/02/2008 Hamas stormed the last stronghold of the Fatah in Gaza – the Hilles clan compound in Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza city (see – Gaza 08.02.08). The Fatah in the West Bank, in an attempt to help its supporters in Gaza, launched a massive arrest of Hamas followers. On 08/03/2008 Mahmoud Abbas ordered, from abroad as usual, to release all the Hamas activists on the grounds that their arrest disrupts the alleged reconciliation talks with the Hamas in Cairo. He also refused to let Fatah fugitives from Gaza to be transferred to the West Bank. Only pressure from Arab countries convinced him to agree to host the Fatah refugees in Jericho – See – Gaza Fatah refugees .

There is no doubt – Mahmoud Abbas is the best thing that ever happened to the Hamas on its way to take over the Palestinian society and to establish a radical Islamic entity aimed, in the long run, to the destruction of Israel. The Hamas is the best tool for Mahmoud Abbas to perpetuate the conflict with Israel while posing as a true peace seeker.  


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