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* Operation “Cast Lead was supposed to deter the Hamas, which formed a state-like entity in Gaza Strip, from firing more rockets toward Israeli Civilians living near and around Gaza Strip.  For Israeli citizens there is only one way to measure the success of the operation – the period of time without the daily fear of yet another rocket.

Despite its military achievements, the IDF failed to capture or to kill the Hamas leadership and chain of command. Both sides fully understand that Israel cannot launch, in the next months, yet another similar operation, a Cast Lead 2. Since Israel destroyed almost all military valuable targets in Gaza, Israel can not even respond effectively to any further Hamas provocation. To make things even more complicated, Israel is in elections process, which enables the Hamas to intervene, indirectly, in the outcome of the elections while the hands of Israel are tied.

On Sunday 02/01/2009, about 20 Qassam rockets and mortar shells were fired toward Israel, by ephemeral organizations, seemingly despite the Hamas. It is clear (see picture) that the rockets were fired from residential areas in Gaza and near by a Mosque in order to prevent any Israeli counter shelling of the location.

Sunday night 02/01/2009, Israel bombarded, once again, the Rafah Tunnels, and an empty police check point in Khan Yunis, which means Israel did much noise, mainly for the purpose of the public opinion in Israel.

In yet another serious development, Israel issued a terror alert that Hizbullah is trying to revenge Imad Mughniyah’s Death in Damascus, on 02/12/2008. According to intelligence sources six Hizbullah squads were already deployed to South America, Far East and Europe in order to kidnap yet another Israeli. It is reasonable to believe that Hizbullah is aiming not only to the first anniversary of Imad Mughniyah’s killing but also to Israel’s elections, scheduled to 02/10/2009. Operation Cast Lead is melting fast.


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