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Imad Fayez Mughniyah was born in 12/07/1962 in Tayr Daba, a small village near Tyre in South Lebanon. His family moved to the Shiite suburbs of South Beirut sometime before 1976 when the civil war in Lebanon erupted.

Imad Mughniyah joined, probably in 1979, the Palestinian elite “Force 17” in charged on the personal security of PLO chairmen Yasser Arafat. In 10/1982, when the PLO establishment was expelled from Beirut and Imad  Mughniyah remained jobless, he joined, with his colleague Mustafa Badr al-Din, one of the organizations that became later the Hizbullah – the “Oppressed on Earth”.

According to intelligence sources Imad  Mughniyah took a part in the well planned suicide attacks on the USA embassy in Beirut on 04/18/1983, which claimed the life of 63 people, including 17 USA personnel, and the twin attacks on the US and French army barracks on 10/23/1983, which claimed the life of 58 French soldiers and 241 US Marines. Imad  Mughniyah did stick out in these attacks as having a talent to identify the weak points of the security measures taken in the attacked places.

Imad Mughniyah came to the spot lights as a Master in terror warfare when he, personally, participated in the audacious hijacking of TWA flight 847,  which began in 06/14/1985 and ended about two weeks later on 06/30/1985. The only known picture of Imad  Mughniyah was taken in that attack.  Imad  Mughniyah became, since 1985, one of the top figure on the USA most wanted list because of his role in the TWA flight 847 hijacking.

After the TWA flight 847 hijacking Imad  Mughniyah took charge on Hizbullah special operations in Lebanon, probably because of his crucial role in the attack. Later he was appointed liaison officer with the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guard in Lebanon and very soon a key figure in the IRANIAN Al-Quds force, the executive apparatus of the IRANIAN Revolutionary  Guard to export the Islamic revolution from Iran to the Muslim world.

Al Qaeda’s spy in US Ali Mohammed arranged in 1993 a meeting between Imad  Mughniyah and Al-Qaeda operatives. It is not clear if that meeting led to substantial cooperation between Al-Qaeda, the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guard and Hizbullah. Taking into consideration the rivalry between Sunnite and Shiite and the radical Sunnite approach of Al Qaeda leaders – it is not likely.

Although there is no hard evidence, intelligence sources believed that Imad  Mughniyah was the Lebanese that coordinated the Khobar Towers attack in Saudi Arabia on 06/25/1996.

Since Imad  Mughniyah is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world by USA, France and Israel his life, movements, communication system and even his voice are kept in secrecy and it is almost impossible to follow his path since 1993. Imad  Mughniyah is also wanted in Argentina for questioning for his role in the 03/17/1992 and the 07/18/1994 bombings in Buenos Aires, against Jewish and ISRAELI targets, that claimed the life of 117 people. 

ISRAELI intelligence believes that Imad  Mughniyah was also the coordinator and the middle-man between the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and the IRANIAN Al-Quds force in the Karin A ship affair, that Israel intercepted on 01/05/2002, loaded with weapons from the IRANIAN Al-Quds force to the Palestinian Authority.

Imad  Mughniyah was at large coordinating all kinds of activities for the IRANIAN Revolutionary Guard and Hizbullah. Intelligence sources believe that he abstains from traveling outside Iran and Syria, where he is protected. Probably scarcely and secretly Imad  Mughniyah visits Lebanon.  

On 02/12/2008 night Imad  Mughniyah was killed by a powerful bomb in Kafar Soussa district in the North-East outskirts of Damascus. (See – Mughniyahs Death ).


* According to leaks from the UN-STL Tribunal, on Monday 11/08/2010, over the assassination of the former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri the attack was, indeed, planned, coordinated and orchestrated by the two senior Hizbullah operatives Mustafa Badr al-Din, who is hiding probably in Iran, Wafiq Safa and the deceased Imad  Mughniyah.

Epilogue ;

Imad Mughniyah’s son, Jihad Mughniyah was killed, alongside 5 senior Iranian officers in the Golan Heights, near the border with Israel, in an alleged Israeli missiles attack, on 01/18/2015 .


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