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In 07/2001, just two months before The 9/11 , when Osama Bin Laden was already on the FBIs’ Most Wanted list, he was admitted for an operation in the American Hospital in Dubai. Rather than to arrest him he was interviewed by the local CIA head of station. The meeting was later described as a form of “negotiation”. Those who believe in “conspiracy theories” use this fact out of its context to support their allegations that The 9/11 was nothing but a huge scheme of America to justify attacks against Muslims.

In 1999 Mohamed Atta, the ringleader of The 9/11, met a representative of Iraqi intelligence in Prague, Czech Republic. This piece of evidence, out of its context, was used to persuade US citizens and the international community, during 2002, that Iraq was harboring Islamic terror and should be punished. The real truth was the contrary -Iraq persecuted Islamists vigorously.    

Lebanon is facing crucial election scheduled to begin, on 06/07/2009, with a realistic chance for Hizbullah to win, through and with its allies, the elections and to turn Lebanon to an outpost and a satellite of Iran. 

The Pro-Syrian and Hizbullah block in the Lebanese parliament already has 62 out of 128 PM. While the anti Syrian block, the 14 March Coalition contains 65 members (one anti Syrian PM Saleh Aridi was assassinated on 09/10/2008 and was not replaced yet). It is enough for the Hizbullah to win 3 additional seats in the Parliament to cause Barack administration in USA its first major international embarrassment (see – Biden-LEBANON ). Paradoxically Hizbullah relay on voters in the Sunni and Christian regions of Lebanon.

Recently Hizbullah made a political fortune by linking the 4 Israeli intelligence network exposed in Lebanon with its opponents and by arguing the 14 March Coalition is a bunch of pro-Israeli collaborators who serve Israel’s interest rather then the “true” interests of the Arabs. It is enough to persuade a very small number of Christian and Sunnis that this is the case to win the Lebanese elections. There is almost nothing that USA, France or Saudi Arabia can do about it but to rely on the common sense of the Lebanese themselves.  

Rafik Hariri the slain former PM who was assassinated in Beirut, on 02/14/2005, was considered as the leader who rebuild Lebanon in the 90s’ after a devastating civil war and regained Lebanese sovereignty. He was greatly appreciated, mainly by Christians and Sunnis in Lebanon.

An international investigation linked the assassination to Damascus, to an Intelligence apparatus run by the Syrian President’s brother Maher Assad and to pro Syrian officials in the Lebanese security establishment. The international inquiry never linked Hizbullah to the assassination. By judicial standards the evidence is ambiguous and not fully conclusive but, by intelligence standards, there is only little doubt that Syria was, indeed, behind the assassination as it was behind few dozens assassinations of anti-Syrian politician in Lebanon in the last 10 years (see – Hague 03.01.09).

But those senior Intelligence officials in Syria and Lebanon also kept daily routine work and coordination links with their counterparts in the Hizbullah intelligence apparatus, especially when it came to coordinate operations and share information related to Israel and South Lebanon.

It is most likely that this was the base to an article, published in the German “Der Shpigel” (The Mirror), on Saturday 05/23/2009, that there are some “electronic clues” that Rafik Haririr assassination was, somehow, executed by Hizbullah Special Operation Unite led by Hajj Salim and stationed in Nabatiya, South Lebanon.

There is little doubt that the mysterious source in UN, who allegedly leaked this information is linked to either the CIA or the French Intelligence, that the timing meant to influence the coming Lebanese election, to create a counter weight issue to the Israeli spy panic in Lebanon boosted by Hizbullah and to abase Hizbullah arguing that Hizbullah is an anti-Lebanese group rather then the 14 March Coalition, as Hizbullah claims. The article, in its timing, meant to put the heat on Hizbullah days before the elections. 

Hizbullah is, indeed, a threat to the stability of the Middle East but the article in the “Der Shpigel” is a blunt spin equal to the spin that blaimed Iraq in harboring Al Qaeda or the CIA in facilitating The 9/11. 


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