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* Karam Zuhdi – was one of the founders of the EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya. Nine year later, in 1979,  Karam Zuhdi formed, along with Muhammad al-Salam Faraj and others, the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad -EIJ as a more radical offshoot of the EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya, led the new organization in Upper Egypt (the South) and headed the Shura (council) of the organization.

Karam Zuhdi was arrested immediately after Anwar Saadat Assassination in, 10/1981, and was kept in jail up to early 2003 when he was released in order to promote reconciliation in the Egyptian society between Islamists and the Egyptian Regime.  

In 2005 explained in an interview that the current EIJ position regarding democracy could change, based on “the interests of the EIJ”. This seems to indicate that pragmatism has a final say in the behavior of the EIJ and Karam Zuhdi personally.

In 08/08/2006, in an interview to the al-Arabiya satellite channel Karam Zuhdi publically denies Ayman Al Zawahiri claims, distributes via an audio tape posted in the web, on 08/05/2006, that five members of the EIJ had joined recently Al Qaeda.  

* Osama Hafez – is one of the founders of the EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya in Egypt in the early 70s’. Osama Hafez fled Egypt after Anwar Sadat Assassination in 10/1981. He was caught in another Arab country and apprehended back to Egypt. Today (05/2009) Osama Hafez is in custody in Egypt.  


* Lt’ Colonel Aboud Al-Zumur – from the Egyptian Army and his cousin Tarik al-Zumur led a cell within the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad which included also Ahmed Agiza. In 1984 both were sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for indirect involvement in the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Saadat, on 10/06/1981. On 05/19/2005 Tarik al-Zumur was released from jail while his uncle Aboud Al-Zumur was left in jail for five more years (the law in Egypt enables the authorities to delay the release of security detainees up to five years over their official sentence depends on good behavior and other circumstances).   


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