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* Muhammad Abed Al-Salam Faraj was born in 1952 in al-Bhira district, Lower Egypt. His father was a radical member in the Muslims Brotherhood. He studied electrical engineering at Cairo University and worked as an electrical engineer in Alexandria.

Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj was part of the post-1966 Salafist movement, being inspired by Maulana Maududi and Sayyid Qutb. Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj rejected the Muslim Brotherhood for seeking integration with the political process and allegedly shirking the duty of jihad and that fighting Israel took precedence over overthrowing the Egyptian regime.  Naturally Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj was one of the first to join and to lead the EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya when it was formed in 1970.

Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj wrote a book “The Absent Obligation” in which he claimed that Global Jihad should be the sixth pillar of Islam. 

In 1978 Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj was, briefly, a local cell member in Alexandria of the Al-Jihad group headed by Ibrahim Salama but when the group was crashed down by the Egyptian security he managed to cut his ties with the group before being caught too. He moved in late 1979 to Cairo region and found a job in the administration of Cairo University.  

In 1979 Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj formed, along with Karam Zuhdi, Ayman Al Zawahiri and others, the EGYPTIAN Islamic Jihad -EIJ as a more radical offshoot of the EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya, led the new organization in Cairo region.

In 1980, Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj published a book – “The Absent Obligation”, in which he claimed that Global Jihad should be the sixth pillar of Islam. 

Muhammad Al-Salam Faraj was arrested immediately after Anwar Saadat Assassination in, 10/1981. He was sentenced to death and executed by hanging in the Baab al-Khalq prison in central Cairo on 04/15/1982 along with Khalid El-islambouli,  Essam al-Qamari and three other co-conspirators.


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