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Rashid  BelkacemAbu Fadel was born on 07/05/1973 in Morocco. He became a Ditch citizen. Rashid  Belkacem fled Holland to UK, in 01/2005. On 06/22/29095 Rashid  Belkacem was arrested in Whitechapel area of London, UK, on a Dutch extradition warrant accusing him of offences including possession of firearms and forged documentation and of “terrorist-related recruitment”.


According to the charges against him Rashid  Belkacem was associated with members of Hofstad Group that conspired to murder Theo Van Gogh. He was a friend of Van Gogh;s assassin Mohammed Bouyeri.


Rashid  Belkacem was extradited on 08/02/2005 to Holland. He was charged with being a member of a terrorist organization. In addition he was charged with recruiting for armed struggle, several firearms offences and forging documents. Rashid  Belkacem allegedly helped Redouan al-Issar, spiritual leader of the Hofstad Group, flee the Netherlands on the day of the murder of Theo van Gogh.


Rashid  Belkacem was released provisionally in 03/2006, a month later he was acquitted of the illegal possession of a firearm. In 07/2006 Rashid  Belkacem was found dead in his home in Zierikzee, Holland. His dead remained an enigma.  
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