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Kamal  Ahbar was born in Algeria in 1975. He lived in Spain since the mid 90s’.

Kamal  Ahbar was arrested with Samir Tahtah, on 01/03/2007, after being under close surveillance for operating the Barcelona net. Kamal  Ahbar already served time in Spain having been found guilty in 1999 of raising money for terrorist attacks in the previous Sello II case.

On Friday 05/04/2007 Kamal  Ahbar told the Spanish court that he was a personal friend of the three Islamists who had escaped capture, and that he thought that they were now dead. He also confirmed to the chamber that they, together with the seven terrorists, who lost their lives in the Leganes flat explosion, were the people who placed the bombs on the trains. He said that the bombs, used in the Madrid Trains Bombing, were prepared at the house rented by Jamal Ahmidam in Morata de Tajuña. Kamal  Ahbar added that he had 200 kilos of Goma 2 explosives and wanted to continue with their action, but an Iman told them to ‘wait a while’.

Kamal  Ahbar confirmed in his testimony that he spent time with Mohammed Afalah in Turkey after the Madrid Trains Bombing, in 03/2004. He also claimed that Daoud Ouhnane left Spain on 05/20/2004, and that Daoud Ouhnane died around the 7th or 8th June 2004.

Kamal  Ahbar, on Monday 05/07/2007, told the court that one of the proposed targets was the Guardia Civil Academy in Jaén, near Barcelona.

On 05/13/2009 the National Court sentenced Algerian Kamal  Ahbar and Moroccan Samir Tahtah to nine years in prison each for being members of a terrorist organization.

Another Moroccan, Mohamed el Idrissi, was sentenced to five years for collaborating with a terrorist group, and Spaniard Tarek Hamed Hamu was given two years for falsifying documents. The court acquitted 10 others of the Barcelona net of charges that they helped four suspects from the Madrid Train Bombings to flee.

The court said the cell headed by Kamal  Ahbar and Samir Tahtah operated out of a house in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, a town close to Barcelona, and that it housed, recruited and prepared people to fight in Iraq.

The court said the cell was part of a network called Tigris connected with Ansar al Islam. It found that six people linked to the Madrid bomb attacks had been to the house, among them was Moroccan Mohamed Afalah, who Spanish authorities say died in a 2005 suicide attack in Iraq.


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